Interview: Julius Cowdrey the newest star of Made In Chelsea


Julius Cowdrey the newest star of Made In Chelsea has been stealing hearts and causing drama on the hit E4 show ever since his first appearance in the new season. However, what most don’t know is that Julius is an aspiring musical talent that has just released his first single titled ‘7 Roads (I See You)’. With hopes of global stardom, I recently spoke to Julius about Made In Chelsea, his musical inspirations and what his single is all about.

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As the son/grandson of two very successful sportsman, are you nervous to step outside your family’s legacy and begin to create your own?

I’m excited by the challenge. For me, cricket was always fun, never something I’d want to wake up & do every day. I’ve got brilliant support from my family & I feel very lucky to have that.

How has it been joining Made In Chelsea?

I’ve really enjoyed it. There’s been a bit of drama but taking it all in my stride.

Why did you join the reality show?

It gets my music out there! Also, I’ve known Liv Bentley for virtually my whole life so the transition into the show was an easy one.

As a singer-songwriter who are your inspirations?

Elton John, James Blake, Coldplay.

What is the story behind your single ‘7 Roads (I See You)?

I wrote it about my best mate, he was blinded by his love for this girl. He didn’t realise that going down the ‘road’ that has her alongside was the wrong one. She didn’t care for him whatsoever & she even told him she didn’t. He kept going back to her, searching for those happy times but the scars were too deep..

7 roads basically means 1 for every day of the week, he could take a different journey every day but he couldn’t allow himself to, in his eyes he needed her to survive.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

You’ve got to shoot for the stars.. Eh? In 5 years I would like to have had 3 albums out & performing all around the world, maybe with a couple of numbers 1s thrown in…Anything is possible!

You’re very stylish, from the show to your Instagram what influences your fashion?

Thanks! You know.. I’m not too sure. I just like what I like. I don’t wear clothing with big brands printed across the t-shirt, I like subtlety. I never wear too many bright colours unless it’s a bright red pair of slip shoes for the summer.

With the show bringing attention to you, how do you think you will be able to continue on as a credible recording artist rather than a ‘reality star come singer’?

Music is my number 1. I don’t think the show will dampen my credibility. It’s a fantastic platform & it’s bringing me an avid following. I really believe in my music & if it’s good enough it won’t go unheard!

I’ve read that you have been writing in LA, what’s the vibe like in LA when compared to London?

Well, it’s warmer! Haha, I quite like the idea of heading to a rooftop bar in Santa Monica post songwriting. Jokes aside.. I like Americans, they know what they want, no beating around the bush & I like that. I can’t wait to get back there & work on new music!

Who is your dream collaboration?

Sia! She’s out of this world. Her songwriting ability is incredible & that voice!! I’d love to duet with her.

Finally, when can we expect an album or EP?

Good question.. Next year I’m sure, but no date has been set. Let’s see how 7 Roads (I See You) does first..

Download Julius’ debut single ‘7 Roads (I See You)’ here

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