Big-hearted Niall Horan gives back to Ireland

Inspired by his grandma, Niall gives back to his country — and people are quickly falling in love with him.


During his last appearance on RTE’s Late Late Show, Niall mentioned how he has been more in touch with his 90-year-old granny Margareth through video calls. He said that these calls inspired him to use his platform to do good.

That is why he decided to donate to ALONE, which is an Irish charity that focuses on long-term programs to impact the elders and makes them feel included, and to Meals On Wheels, a charity focused on care services for the elders.

Most of Niall’s stans already know he has a heart of gold, but this interview made even more people love him and agree that he has such a genuine soul.

And even Ireland’s prime minister spoke on his actions’ impact.


All we can say is that we are so glad to stan Niall, who is such a thoughtful, caring, and amazing role model.  We are so proud that he uses his platform to do good and spread awareness on charities like these.

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  1. Sophie says

    i always knew he had a big heart but this is amazing!!

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