Niall Horan announces a global virtual concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall

We’ll be front row from the comfort of our couches AND helping the #weneedcrew fund at the same time!


All of our livestream dreams have come true; Niall is finally doing one! From the great Royal Albert Hall in London, Niall has just announced that there will be a very special virtual show on November 7th.

The one-time-only event is planned to raise money and awareness for Niall’s touring crew. The music sector, and especially the live event sector and touring crews in the UK are suffering due to COVID-19, and people are receiving no paychecks. Niall supports the #WeNeedCrew relief fund by doing this live stream and thereby supporting the incomes of his crew that were hit the most during this time. “I know that live events are something we all miss,” Niall said, “until we are able to return I want to highlight the incredible people who work in touring that make those events possible and whose livelihoods have been severely affected”.

“I’m obviously one of the lucky ones but not everyone is as lucky as me”, Niall said. So, by buying a ticket you are not only seeing a wonderful show that Mr. Niall Horan will put on for us, but you also are supporting a good cause, which is We Need Crew. The initiative is encouraging artists to support fundraising activities like these, to support the touring crews out of a job. It also raises awareness among audiences that the music industry needs more support than ever. “Our crew members are the ones that have basically been forgotten about (…) they are the ones who have mortgages and families (…) they haven’t go any funds to do so”

It has been a very long time since we have seen Niall live, as it is 2 years since the Flicker World Tour has ended. “I was playing one of my songs the other day on the guitar, and I was thinking ‘I wrote this song and I can’t tell you what the second chord is! But I can’t wait just to get back up and play. I need to get the blood flowing”. Let’s hope our favorite tunes make it to the setlist, and hopefully some covers as well. He also mentioned surprises… aah! There is too much excitement! We cannot wait until we hear that angelic voice again.

There will be three live streams, one for the UK, one for North America, and one for Australia, New Zealand and Asia. The stream will be one night only, as the footage will be unavailable after all of the live streams have ended. So it truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and the music industry needs us fans now more than ever. All of the profits will be going to his crew and the #weneedcrew relief fund; so there must be as many tickets sold as possible.

So, wear your best pyjamas, get your best snacks out, and catch that comfiest space on the couch; let’s watch this livestream!

Tickets go on sale this Friday and if you want to support the cause even more, you can also make a donation to support the people working for Niall. We cannot live without the arts, and the people who work so hard behind the scenes to make all of the magic happen.

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  1. Lieke Gaudes says

    I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!

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