Everything you need to know about Niall Horan’s support acts

He's hitting the road and bringing a few lads with him


Following in the footsteps of bandmate Harry Styles, Niall Horan is also set to embark on a world tour this fall. The ‘Flicker Sessions 2017’ starts in Niall’s home country of Ireland on August 29 and traverses through Europe, Asia, Austalia, and the Americas until the end of November. (Stay for an all-American Thanksgiving dinner, Niall, just a suggestion.)

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Today, Niall took to Twitter to announce the ‘Flicker Sessions 2017’ opening act—or should we say “acts,” because Niall is bringing along a whopping four. A huge fan of Ireland and being Irish, Niall’s giving Ireland’s best new talent a chance to join his stage.

Wild Youth

niall horan flicker sessions 2017 support acts wild youth
Image Source: Twitter

See them at: Niall’s Dublin, Ireland show

Who are they?: Made up of Callum McAdams, Ed Porter, David Whelan, and Connor O’Donohoe, Wild Youth is a four-piece band out of (you guessed it) Ireland. They’re playing their first-ever headlining show at the end of September in Dublin before joining Niall at his.

Listen to: Their debut single ‘All or Nothing’

Picture This

niall horan flicker sessions 2017 support acts picture this band
Image Source: Twitter

See them at: Niall’s London, England and Stockholm, Sweden shows

Who are they?: A pop rock duo out of (shocker) Ireland made up of vocalist Ryan Hennessy and drummer Jimmy Rainsford. Their debut album is out later in August and available for pre-order now.

Listen to: ‘Never Change’

Gavin James

niall horan flicker sessions 2017 support acts gavin james
Image Source: Twitter

See him at: All of Niall’s United States and Canada shows

Who is he?: Born in, you guessed it, Ireland, Gavin James is a singer-songwriter from a very musically talented family. You might recognize him from the U.S.’s 2015 season of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ or when he opened for some pretty major acts like Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith.


Listen to: Gavin is featured on Alan Walker’s latest track ‘Tired’

Corey Harper

niall horan flicker sessions 2017 support acts corey harper
Image Source: Corey Harper Music

See him at: Niall’s Atlanta, Georgia, Los Angeles, California, and Orlando, Florida shows

Who is he?: Born in Missouri, Corey Harper is Niall’s only non-Irish support act. He was actually discovered on Instagram by Cody Simpson, who runs in the same friend circle as Niall. You might’ve heard Corey opening up for Justin Bieber… or from your frequent lunchtime visits to Panera.

Listen to: The debut single off his debut EP ‘California Sun’

Featured Image Source: Live Nation

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