Louis Tomlinson talks One Direction’s legacy in this new interview

How he believes they've shaped the music industry today


Louis Tomlinson delved deep in a recent interview, revealing his thoughts on One Direction‘s legacy, his upcoming debut album and what was one of the most difficult points of his career.

Looking especially broody in his photo shoot with Highsnobiety, Tomlinson pulls off a variety of looks that involve track suits, hoodies and leather jackets.

louis Tomlinson talks 1d's legacy in new interview high snobiety shoot 2
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louis Tomlinson talks 1d's legacy in new interview high snobiety shoot 2
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After One Direction’s announcement of their hiatus, we’ve all gotten a bit of a taste of what each member wants to put into the music world. Tomlinson is the most recent member to step foot into the scene with his release of ‘Back to You’ featuring Bebe Rexha making a huge splash on the charts and making him the fifth member of the band to have a Top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In his interview with Highsnobiety, Tomlinson discusses the process of making his first album and what to expect from his debut, saying, “The album is very honest and very real. A frustration that I’ve had recently is that a lot of songs that I listen to draw on scenarios that aren’t very realistic, so I just wanted to do something that was more down to earth. And I think my fans, who already know a lot about me, will learn something new.”

Tomlinson has been very honest and candid about his album writing process. Taking on the role as one of the main songwriters while in One Direction, Tomlinson obtained a real knack for creating great pop music. “I’m constantly learning as a songwriter, so naturally that makes you grow as an artist. But I also think the more time I spend in music the more time I feel I understand it,” he reveals.

With the recent passing of his mother, Tomlinson has been through a great deal of emotional struggle in the last year. Perhaps his most buzzed about appearance was his debut performance for ‘Just Hold On’ on The X-Factor back in December 2016. Citing this as one of the most difficult moments in his career, Tomlinson reminisces, saying, “I think in general, doing The X-Factor with the Steve Aoki song was the most difficult time, but also weirdly the most rewarding as well. I definitely felt like I couldn’t do it, and then I definitely felt the support from everyone around me, the friends and family but also the fans and people outside of that.”

One Direction has surely become the most successful band of the decade, still racking in the numbers worldwide even though they’re on an indefinite hiatus. When asked about the band’s legacy and their cultural impact, Tomlinson describes their approach to honesty as one of their main reasons for success. “From day one we tried to be very honest and not take ourselves too seriously. I think we demonstrated that as a band you don’t have to do everything by the book and hopefully, to a certain degree, that takes away some of the pressure for new artists.”

You can read all of Louis Tomlinson’s Highsnobiety interview here.

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