Zayn Malik releases Vibez as a teaser for his new album

And we’re vibing to it.


The drought (zrought?) has finally ended. After having no new music from Zayn Malik since he dropped “Better” in September 2020, today he’s released his brand-new song “Vibez.”

And just when you think it can’t get any better, it does: The singer also announced that his new LP ‘Nobody is Listening’ will drop on the 15th of January. Seriously, is everyone doing okay?!

2021 has started off well for the Zquad. The singer dropped a teaser on his social media yesterday, a video with rising curtains in an empty auditorium with the words ‘’Tomorrow’’ written across. Fans were going wild and there were even some speculations for a livestream (liveztream?). But it only took a few Shazams to conclude that the teaser was about a new single called “Vibez.”

Now that Zayn’s finally dropped new music, we can breathe again. “Vibez” is a slow R&B song with a romantic touch. With lyrics like “Baby mine, you’re mine,” and “I’ve been waiting all night to get closer to you,” it feels like we could safely say that this song is dedicated to his girlfriend Gigi Hadid, whom he had a daughter with last year.

“Nobody is Listening” will be Zayn’s first album in three years. We need to wait one more week until the album comes out, but we’ll have “Vibez” on repeat constantly until then.

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