ZAYN drops new song Love Like This

Babe wake up, ZAYN is back!


It’s not easy to be in the Zquad (Zayn’s fandom name). After his latest release Nobody is Listening in 2021, it was really quiet on the singer’s socials. Until a few weeks ago, ZAYN posted a teaser.. for a new song! And obviously you can’t get the Zquad happier after the singer has been so private for years. On July 21, Zayn dropped his brand new single and music video ‘Love Like This’.

The song is a bit more up-tempo than we’ve known from the singer. ‘Love Like This’ has a great combination of UK Garage and pop music. ZAYN described the song itself as ”A standalone song. It’s just a summer jam. It’s a good vibe. It just feels like summer.”. — We can see what he means by that! The song is about finding a healthy relationship and not wanting to let that feeling go. ZAYN sings in the songs with the lyrics ‘Your direction is on my mind, Got me all up in the zone, in the zone’. However… we might not want to talk about the music video, starring Grace Dumdaw. We obviously don’t want to speak for everyone, but lots of fans are sobbing right now.

ZAYN is definitely back in the industry and we hope to expect a brand new album soon. He recently has given an interview after 6 years for the Call Her Daddy Podcast. We learned a lot about Zayn’s personal life and more, however we thought these 39 things were the most interesting one to learn about the singer. Check the article out right here!

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