Yugyeom deals with heartbreak in the new single Take You Down

The latest release features AOMG’s Coogie


Yugyeom is ‘Taking You Down’ with his new single and taking up space on the iTunes Top Songs charts.

On March 31, Yugyeom released the digital single ‘Take You Down’ featuring the label mate raper Coogie and produced by H1GHR MUSIC’s Woogie.

In the single, Yugyeom sings about feeling overwhelmed from a breakup that doesn’t allow him to enjoy things in life while he feels hopeless, singing, “I knew you are not mine / There is nothing I could do / I love you the things I said every day / Please don’t get sick of me / I beg you, at least pretend”.

The song, written and composed by Yugyeom, Coogie, and Woogie, is a smooth R&B track that switches the tone thanks to Coogie’s raps, adding an extra layer of coolness.

In the music video for ‘Take You Down’, we see Yugyeom coming to terms with the breakup. First in a bathroom stall where he is restless, then in a crowded club where he seems lost and not enjoying being there, and finally in a living room facing the breakup. During the video, Yugyeom comes back to these sets again, but it’s a different and relatively calm Yugyeom that drives away at the end of the video.

‘Take You Down’ is currently charting No.1 on the iTunes Top Songs chart in 28 countries, including Brazil, Estonia, Thailand, Peru, and the Philippines.

A second track accompanies the digital single, ‘Lights’. The song is a lo-fi R&B track.

This is Yugyeom’s first comeback as a solo artist, 9 months after the release of his first EP, Point Of View: U. For the EP, Yugyeom took part in writing, composing, and producing all 7 songs, including the pre-release ‘I Want U Around’ featuring AOMG’s DeVita, and the title track ‘All Your Fault’ featuring AOMG’s GRAY, who also produced the track.

‘Take You Down’ is available on all major streaming platforms.

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