WayV made their return with Phantom

Watch the music video for the title track ‘Phantom’


After many trials and tribulations, NCT sub-unit WayV is finally back with their fourth mini-album and title track, Phantom.

Phantom’ is a hip-hop/pop song with a magnificent composition that gives WayV ample space to showcase their smooth vocals and harmonisations. ‘Phantom’ starts with low and mysterious sing-talks but builds up throughout the verses that lead to the pre-chorus, with Xiaojun’s vocals under the spotlight; the chorus is the star of the song, delivering positive energy, amazing vocals and melody. The cherry on top of ‘Phantom’ is the bridge – WayV have some of the best bridges with the vocal line shining. In ‘Phantom’ the impressive bridge is carried by Kun, Ten and Xiaojun, who hits the highest of all notes in the song.

The entire mini-album follows the ‘Phantom’’s style and vibe, with only ‘Broken Love’ being a breather before bringing us back to tracks with massive melodies. The six new singles on the mini-album are the previously released special single ‘Diamonds Only’, a progressive R&B hip-hop song, ‘Good Life’ with a vibey atmosphere carrying the message of moving towards a beautiful life, ‘Broken Love’, ‘Bounce Back’ and ‘Try My Luck’.

Back To You’ by KUN and XIAOJUN and ‘Low Low‘ by TEN and YANGYANG also find a place on this release.

The track video for ‘Good Life’ will be released on January 8, and the live clip for ‘Broken Love’ on January 15.

Meanwhile, WayV will perform at the ‘2023 SMTOWN LIVE : SMCU PALACE@KWANGYA’ concert on January 1st.

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