V of BTS shares new single FRI(END)S

Who do you identify with the most on V's new music video for FRI(END)S?


Kim Taehyung, known as V of the globally acclaimed group BTS, recently gifted his fans by releasing his latest digital single, “FRI(END)S”. Accompanied by a vibrant and fun music video, the song portrays a quirky narrative filled with lovestruck couples as V navigates a world where he strives to become more than just a friend.

Despite all members of BTS currently fulfilling their military service duties, V’s commitment to his fans remains constant. Even amidst their obligations, the singer planned this surprise release, ensuring that the devoted BTS ARMY could have something to hold to their hearts while he’s away.

The song debuted on the 7th stop on the Spotify global chart, claiming the biggest K-pop debut on the platform this year. It also reached number 1 on iTunes in over 80 countries, proving that wherever they are, ARMYs are always ready to take any BTS member to the top by being the greatest team BTS could ask for.

Let’s talk about the cool video that had ARMY fans going wild! It shows Taehyung in two different worlds: one where he’s part of a cute couple, and the other where he’s feeling pretty lonely, surrounded by lovesick folks. In the end, he wakes up next to himself in bed. Is it a message about self-love, or is there more to it? Guess we’ll have to wait and see! Also, can we talk about boyfriend Taehyung? Our hearts melted every time he showed how such a great and handsome boyfriend he can be.

Just a quick reminder: Last year, V released his debut solo album, “LayoVer” which is packed with incredible tracks that are absolutely worth a listen. He also teamed up with singer UMI for a romantic song called “wherever u r” that perfectly complements his voice, making us swoon even more.

So, how are you all liking FRI(END)S? Let us know in the comments below.

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