Twice reveal charming side with new single Moonlight Sunrise

The track is a pre-release single for their 12th mini album coming out in March


TWICE is one of the most popular groups of K-pop’s third generation and they have been doing an amazing job in the US touring stadiums and becoming the best selling girl group in 2022. Proving that they have it all as a group, TWICE released a new English single called “Moonlight Sunrise” to build up the anticipation for their 12th mini album Our Youth.

What calls the most attention to the group’s last releases is the fact that they’ve been working on more mature concepts, it’s nice to watch the changes in their songs and movie videos. “Moonlight Sunrise” is no different, the lyrics deal with a more mature kind of love confession.

The song was inspired by a performance the group held in LA last year, the fact that they were singing and dancing under the moonlight motivated the songwriter to come up with the lyrics for the song.

The girls sing flawlessly in English and perform a graceful choreography throughout the movie video that is full of fun scenarios that compliment the vibe of the movie video. Watch it below:

ONCES (TWICE fanbase) managed to chart the song up high on Spotify even though JYPE delivered no promotion of the song. This proves that the group has a loyal fanbase always ready to spread a good word in the name of the group. ONCE guarantee they got TWICE!

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