Niall Horan hints at new music coming soon

Heaven Won’t Be The Same might be out this week and we seriously can‘t wait anymore


We’ve been too long without any Niall Horan songs but someone (we mean Niall himself) has been hinting something is on the way and it might be here really soon!

If you open you’ll be taken to a page where a light candle is sitting in front of a window with a view of the sky. The candle is melting little by little and Niallers (or Lovers, as he prefers to call us all) are guessing something will be out on Friday the 27th.

Niall has also published a series of TikToks with snippets of his new single, leaving us even more curious to listen to it with all the mystery behind it.


🕯️ #heaven #newmusic

♬ original sound – Niall Horan


♬ original sound – Niall Horan

Some fans are also receiving little gifts from Niall, with a candle and a personalized box with the words Heaven Won’t Be The Same and his initials.

We guess Niall put together both of his albums to come up with the concept of his new era, the candle representing Flicker and Heaven representing Heartbreak Weather.

Even better news is already out! Niall we’ll be performing at some festivals around the globe and if you don’t know if he’s coming to your city, here are all the festivals Niall has been announced as a performing artist.

Is Niall coming to your city? Are you seeing Niall in any of these festivals? Let us know on the comments below!

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  1. Tara kalluk says

    Hello, my name is tara kalluk from Baker Lake Nunavut i am a huge fan of niall horan so much and i would love his box sent to P.O box 157 XOC 0A0 please and thank-you, also thank-you so much niall for making your fans from all over the world happy for what you can do xoxo love tara

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