Ticketmaster pens an open letter to Harry Styles’ fans about the ticket trauma


If you tried to get tickets to see Harry Styles on tour later this year, there’s a good chance you may not have been too lucky. It’s okay, we know how you feel. Many fans have a lot of questions, but it seems that there may be answers as Ticketmaster wrote an open letter to Harry Styles’ fans all about the ticket trauma.

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“We understand that many of you are upset as tickets were nearly impossible to get. And now you are seeing some of them are on resale sites.

“We recognize the frustration of the fandom — most of you did not get tickets and that has created the overall impression the system did not work.”

The company went on to discuss the facts and figures to be more clear to the fans that there were a few hundred thousand fans trying to buy just 45,000 tickets.

“The North American tour sold out in record time because of massive demand and that means most of you did not successfully get tickets. Even if you did everything right and pushed the button exactly at 10AM, so did hundreds of thousands of other fans.”

With the retailer’s website crashing, showing queues and multiple Google CAPTCHA verifications, Harry stans were adamant that there were bots buying the tickets rather than actual people, which Ticketmaster denied.

“95% of the tickets went to fans. Not bots and scalpers. That’s the power of #VerifiedFan. And like you, we are proud of Harry and his commitment to make sure his fans are the ones who will be at his shows.

“But what about all those listings on unofficial resale sites? While it may sound like a lot, we have only seen about 2,000 tickets posted for resale. That means less than 5% of all tickets are posted on resale sites.”

Harry himself and his team are all aware of what went on with the ticket sales and have spoken to Ticketmaster, asking for them to verify every single purchase to ensure it was completely fair.

“In order to get even more tickets to YOU the actual fans, Harry and his management have asked that Ticketmaster cancel any orders that violated our purchase policy. We are actively identifying any orders in violation of our policies, which may result in some tickets being cancelled that are currently listed on secondary sites.

“If that happens, we will let you know how those tickets will be safely distributed to fans.

“We know that no matter the circumstances, it’s upsetting not to get tickets to support an artist, especially as much as you all clearly love Harry. We hope that having access to the facts makes it a little less frustrating. It has been so amazing seeing the fanbase be so supportive of each other. Thank you for your patience, your support for Harry, and most of all for being incredible fans.

“We’ll update you as soon as we have more information.”

This was posted on the U.S Ticketmaster site, with no comments from other countries such as the UK and Australia as of yet.

Were you lucky in getting tickets to see Harry on tour? Or are you hoping that there’ll be a resale? Let us know what you’re thinking on Twitter @UnitedByPop.

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