The Vamps play new album Cherry Blossom live for the first time

The Vamps have finally played their brand new album ‘Cherry Blossom’ live for their fans from the Hackney Round Chapel.


The Vamps have jumped on the bandwagon of livestream concerts, with theirs taking place last weekend. The four-piece performed live all over the world, via Driift, from the Hackney Round Chapel. The chapel was decorated beautifully with cherry blossoms draped all around the band and petals all over the floor.

Fans were eager to see what songs from the new album that Brad, Tristan, Connor, and James would be performing. The band didn’t disappoint as they sang all of the songs from their new album, alongside a couple of old songs. They also sang their most popular songs ‘Can We Dance’, ‘Somebody to You’ and ‘All Night’ while Brad played the piano and it gave the songs a new acoustic twist to them.

The band have been vocal on how much they miss performing live and this is their first and last live show of the year. It must have been incredible for them to finally play their new songs live, knowing that their fans were still able to watch as if they were there with them.

The Vamps have done their fair share of live streams this year but had never done a full concert all together so this was a one-off for fans. It was a ticketed event and was streamed at different times due to time zones so fans could all watch it at 8pm in their time. There were two bundles for fans to purchase: one with just the ticket, and one with a shirt, a litho, and a ticket.

Hopefully, live stream concerts don’t have to happen for much longer so we can all go back out and enjoy concerts fully again. But if they do carry on, let’s hope we get another one from The Vamps! You can watch their most recent music video for their new single ‘Better’ down below.

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