Stray Kids are the only K-pop artists on TIME’s 10 Best Songs of 2020

Stray Kids affirm their global influence by featuring on TIME's "The 10 Best Songs of 2020" list


Stray Kids’ international impact keeps growing as the group becomes the only K-pop artist to be featured on the US publication TIME in their annual list, “The 10 Best Songs of 2020”. The magazine published the list on November 23rd on their official website, and Stray Kids made the list for the very first time with the track “Back Door” at No. 8.

TIME praise “Back Door” for its unique, genre-hopping production and for its spirit, combining production with the energy of the members to create a dynamic song. Raisa Bruner wrote,

There’s not a single musical style it doesn’t exuberantly co-opt, in an artful Frankenstein that’s as catchy as it is complex. There are dramatic airhorns, slinky R&B breaks, jazz interludes, a trap chorus, electronic beats that would rile up festival crowds and others more likely to be found in underground clubs.

She also added,

It’s hard not to become enraptured by the song’s sheer bravado—both in its multi-layered production and the brassy energy of the eight performers.

Since their debut in 2018, Stray Kids continues to rise globally. Their first full-length album GO生 (released in June) sold 127,930 copies and its repackage, IN生 (released in September) counted 233,381 copies sold. In terms of Gaon Chart’s cumulative total for sold copies, the group sold more than 760,000 copies of the albums.

Stray Kids were also named one of Billboard’s 2018 Outstanding K-pop Artists. Their achievements solidify their ongoing global success and reach.

Fans can look forward to their upcoming release on November 26 with the Korean release of their Japanese track, “All In”.

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