Sparking a movement: Artists shift social change through music

Popular artists like The 1975, Maggie Rogers and Taylor Swift are using their platform to speak out.


The 1975 have proven themselves to be much more than a simple indie-pop band—they’re activists through their very passionate, powerful lyrics. In their latest video for ‘Love It If We Made It,’ they perfectly capture images of the world’s extremely divided political and social climate. Including issues like controversial quotes from U.S. President Donald Trump, police brutality, the Grenfell Tower fire, Harvey Weinstein and Brett Kavanaugh, the video is a chilling but eye-opening reality of the deeply separated society we live in.

The band isn’t the only ones encouraging their largely young, impressionable fanbase to get involved with political and social change. Notable popstars like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Hayley Williams encourage their fans to vote for the politics they believe in. It’s a daring statement especially in the social environment we currently participate in.

With the midterm elections in the U.S. swiftly approaching, the enthusiasm from popular musicians towards engaging in local politics is deeply influential. Music is a universal language everyone can relate to—artists have a power, unlike any other celebrity that can ultimately help initiate change.

Even indie-popstars are lending their voice despite risking a loss of potential fans. Staying true to their beliefs overshadows the desire to be successful across all social groups. Musicians like Maggie Rogers, MUNA, Phoebe Bridgers and Best Coast are vocal on social media in clever ways (posting cheeky pictures and inspiring posts galore.) It’s a very simple but appealing method to reach younger audiences, the most crucial demographic when it comes to the future.

Involvement in government is vital especially in the chaotic climate we endure today. The heavy hold these artists have on their millennial audiences is viable when it comes down to voting—they’re susceptible to wanting crucial change. No matter what side they support, the power they wield is undeniable and we need it now more than ever.

The U.S. midterm elections take place on November 6.  Find out everything you need to know about voting before then at

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