Strip That Down: The evolution of topless Liam Payne


On Friday, Liam Payne releases his anticipated debut single, and I can hardly contain myself. May has been an amazing month if you’re a One Direction fan; we’ve had Niall Horan release his second single and Harry Styles drop his debut album. We are more than ready to hear what Liam has to offer.

From the 20-second clip he shared on May 10th, I’m sure you’ll agree with me – it’s going to be an absolute TUNE! Although we’ve only got a few days now until we hear the whole track, Liam has whet our appetite by finally revealing the artwork for the track.

How amazing does Liam look? I mean c’mon, he’s looked pretty amazing from day one, but seriously, WOW! Flashing us his Calvins, I definitely think he should join Justin Bieber and become a Calvin Klein model, what do you reckon?

As his debut single is entitled ‘Strip That Down’, I thought I would take this opportunity to take a look back over some lovely images of shirtless Liam over the years. I didn’t realise how many topless photos there were of him (not complaining!). Here are my favourite Liam Payne stripped down moments.

The Fetus

liam payne strip that down
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Major throwback to this beauty. 2010 fetal Payno, eat your heart out.

The Boat Ride

Oh I found them never mind aha

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Remember when Liam teased us with this holiday snap? The original image had his crotch all pixelated which had us all thinking that we were getting a sneaky nude photo of Payno. After much speculation, we were then given the true photo and realised he wasn’t nude after all. Damn!

The Luckiest Fan Photo

liam payne strip that down
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Errr excuse me. If getting a selfie with Liam wasn’t amazing enough I can’t believe that this girl had a topless selfie of him. I think this Directioner has won at life, fact!

The Shell Bra

liam payne strip that down
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If Liam was a Mermaid he would look a bit like this I suppose.

The Gym Mirror Selfie

liam payne strip that down
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Who could forget this gem! When I see people at the gym looking at themselves and taking photos in the mirror, I think they look like a complete arse. But when I see Liam doing it I’m like HELL YEAH! (More please).

The Bathroom Photo

Christmas weight dusted!!

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Whilst we were still eating our body weight in Christmas food, Liam had already ‘dusted off’ any excess weight. Thank you Liam for blessing our Instagram (and lives) with this cheeky photo. Hello Homer!

The Magazine Shoot

Recently posing for Rollercoaster, we were treated to this photo of Liam looking FAF!

So there you have it. There are some of my favourite photos of Liam. Let’s hope there’ll be many more to come. The next thing we’ll have to drool over will be the music video. Bring it on!

liam payne strip that down
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