Selena Gomez is letting go of toxic relationships in Trevor Daniel’s Past Life remix

She explained to fans why the song means a lot to her


It’s only been five months since Selena Gomez released her highly anticipated third album Rare and she’s already treating us to new music. She’s teamed up with Trevor Daniel on a remix of his latest single Past Life – a trap-infused pop track that sees her sing about self-destructive tendencies and moving on from toxic relationships.

The pair released a socially-distanced lyric video which sees them having fun together and lip-syncing the song via an Instagram live. It’s basically three minutes of Selena being the cutest little bean and looking radiant throughout – so pretty much the complete opposite of what we look like on Zoom calls.

Fans began to speculate that a collab was in the works after the ‘Falling’ singer recently uploaded a selfie of him wearing Selena’s merch (which she swiftly reposted onto her own Instagram.) Selena jumped on a short Q&A yesterday evening to chat with Trevor and let fans know why she connected so much with the track:

“When I heard the song the first time, I loved the fact that it was kind of like a story about all the things that we tend to hold onto and the patterns that we have. And I’m very, very vocal about my personal experiences making decisions that aren’t necessarily healthy for me.”

Despite having melancholic undertones, the song is an absolute bop and we’re loving seeing Selena looking so happy and having fun in the video.

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