Reneé Rapp hits the late-night stage to perform new song Too Well

Check out pop star Reneé Rapp's incredible live performance of her new heartbreak anthem "Too Well" on The Late Late Show with James Corden.


Reneé Rapp blessed listeners with an incredible live performance of her new song “Too Well” on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the sixth song off of her debut EP Everything to Everyone.

“Too Well” is one of Rapp’s few upbeat songs, with dynamic lyrics describing her inner frustration and inability to forget a past relationship. The song is painfully relatable and has an infectious melody, cementing Rapp’s talent as a gifted songwriter. Her performance was vocally excellent, something of a rarity in live music today, and seems to be the element that truly makes her stand out in modern pop. Of course, that is in addition to her creative style, with her outfit consisting of a sleeveless white puffer jacket over an animal print button-down.

The stage lighting enhanced the performance with a cool blue color illuminating the stage ramp and backdrop during the verses while transitioning to flashing white lights during the song’s chorus to emphasize the heightened tempo. Throughout the performance, Rapp confidently made her way down the ramp, concluding by sitting at the edge as the music slowed down, softly singing the last lines of “Too Well”.

“I get so sick of myself, can’t stop overthinkin’
I heard you’re happy somewhere else
But I don’t forget too well”

Rapp is a newer artist, releasing her first official project this past November to rave reviews. Her first tour sold out in minutes and is set to begin in Los Angeles, California on December 6th at the Troubadour.

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