Park Jinyoung gears up for the release of first solo album Chapter 0: WITH

The album tracklist will be revealed on 16 January


Update January 17

One day before the release of Jinyoung‘s first solo album, we finally get to hear and see more of the title track ‘Cotton Candy‘ in a new music video teaser trailer.

In the trailer, Jinyoung‘s mellow tone repeats the lyrics “sweet cotton candy” while dancing in different settings, with also a massive cotton candy cloud over his head.

The album Chapter 0: WITH will be released on 18 January at 6 pm KST.

Update January 16

Jinyoung has officially unveiled the tracklist for Chapter 0: WITH, his upcoming first solo album. With the tracklist, Jinyoung has shared lyric spoilers for the five tracks.

Chapter 0: WITH consists of five tracks, the two title tracks ‘Cotton Candy‘ and ‘편지’ (literal translation ‘Letter’), ‘Animal’, ‘너를 만남이란 기적’ (literal translation ‘The Miracle of Meeting You’) and ‘잘 자’ (literal translation ‘Good Night’). On all five tracks Jinyoung is credited as lyticist, moreover Jinyoung has taken part in the composition of ‘Animal’, ‘너를 만남이란 기적’and ‘잘 자’.

Update January 15

Jinyoung shared new teaser images from the concept ‘Me’ for his upcoming release Chapter 0: WITH.

In the new teasers, Jinyoung shows off his most alluring side with sensuous poses in a couple of black outfits that enhance Jinyoung‘s charms.

Original Article

Park Jinyoung (of GOT7) is ready to release his first solo album. Titled Chapter 0: WITH, the full album is set to be released on 18 January at 6 pm KST.

After announcing the upcoming release via BH Entertainment‘s social media channel and his accounts with the schedule poster and two teaser images, Jinyoung has been releasing the much-anticipated content daily.

Jinyoung Schedule Poster
Courtesy of BH Entertainment


The teaser images introduce the two concepts for the album: the ‘You’ and ‘Me’ versions. The colourful version of ‘You’ includes a photobook, CD, photobook postcard, random photo card, postcard and bookmark. The black & white ‘Me’ version contains a folding photobook, CD, random photo card, sticker set, memo, and a folding lyrics book.

Jinyoung Chapter 0: WITH Albums
Courtesy of BH Entertainment


Jinyoung has also shared two teaser clips to set the tone for the upcoming release; in the first clip, Jinyoung seems to be at a party alone and doesn’t fail to capture our gaze when turning to the camera. In the second teaser clip, we are in a highly emotionally charged scene, with Jinyoung looking longly at the camera and almost on the verge of crying.

Although the tracklist for Chapter 0: WITH is set to be released on Monday 16, the full tracklist can be seen on the physical album preview images. Chapter 0: WITH contains 5 songs: ‘Animal’, the title track ‘Cotton Candy’, ‘너를 만남이란 기적’ (literal translation ‘The Miracle of Meeting You’), ‘잘 자’ (literal translation ‘Good Night’) and the second title track ‘편지’ (literal translation ‘Letter’).

The highlight medley gives fans and listeners an idea of where Jinyoung wants to bring us with his soft and mellow tone and classic R&B vibes.

The album is described as “a collection of short stories combined into one book, and Jinyoung’s various musical styles are contained in the album. […] The album contains Jinyoung’s heart for those who have continuously loved him on his journey through idol days, actor, and now solo artist, and his sincerity that has never been shown to anyone. Jinyoung’s songs have been written with a lovely tempo, mellow tone, and sometimes low-pitched affection voice.”. For this album, Jinyoung has taken the producer role and produced the entire album.

Jinyoung is the latest GOT7 member to release a solo album; Chapter 0: WITH follows Jinyoung’s solo releases ‘Shining On Your Night’, the OST for Yumi’s Cells 2 in 2022, and the 2021 single ‘DIVE’. With GOT7, Jinyoung released the self-titled comeback EP in May 2022. Alongside his music career, Jinyoung is recognised as one of the most talented Korean actors. Since 2021, Jinyoung has been highly focused on his acting career, starring in successful dramas like 2021’s ‘The Devil Judge’ and both seasons of ‘Yumi’s Cells’, and starring in movies such as the latest release ‘Christmas Carol’ and Netflix’s ‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’. Jinyoung is currently wrapping up the filming of the upcoming drama “The Witch” – the series is based on a popular Kakao Webtoon with the same title by the author Kangfull – set to air this year.

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  1. Josephine says

    Absolutely love the album. His voice is really like a warm tea in a cold day.
    My favorite are cotton candy and our miracle.

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