P1Harmony are back with the new mini-album Harmony: Zero In

The latest K-Pop sensation have also released the single ‘Doom Du Doom’


P1Harmony are back with a new mini-album, Harmony: Zero In, and the single ‘Doom Du Doom’.

This release follows P1Harmony comedic entry into late-night television on The Daily Show and a successful US headline tour that sold out in less than 30 minutes. Moreover, this release is the group’s comeback after the mini-album Disharmony: Find Out, released in January, and a recent collaboration with Pink Sweat$ titled ‘Gotta Get Back’.

The mini-album Harmony: In Zero features six tracks that were teased with track videos the week before the official music video release for the title track ‘Doom Du Doom’. The title track opens with a guitar riff and has a stylish and playful rock atmosphere with a catchy hook. The music video accompanying the track was filmed in LA and features the band as award-winning, not-so-typical athletes in a futuristic sporting competition while showcasing their impressive moves – with a boxing choreography and a new signature dance.

Harmony: In Zero incorporates the band’s signature harmonising and captivating raps while playing with a fresh sound. P1Harmony describe the project as relaxed, fun and colourful. The opening track ‘Black Hole’ captures an edgier vibe, while tracks like ‘Different Song For Me’ showcase a more raw and emotional side of the boys. P1Harmony, who sing, co-write their lyrics, and are famous for their choreography, prove their undeniable coolness and confidence in ‘Yes Man’ and the track ‘Swagger’.

The release of the new mini-album Harmony: In Zero kicks off a new era for the band as it marks the beginning P1Harmony’s new Harmony series following the release of the 3-part series Disharmony. During the press conference for the release of the new mini-album, member Intak said that with this new trilogy, the band aims to find ways to a new world.

About the new mini-album and the trilogy, member Keep said, “This album is about freedom and individuality and how we are going to go about living in this new world we created for ourselves, the new rules we are going to make, and how we’re going to live amongst each other – and how to live in harmony. We’re experimenting with a new genre and new style so we hope that our P1eces will like it. It’s going to be fun to watch and see P1Harmony in a new setting and atmosphere. We hope you like it as much as we enjoyed making it!”

P1Harmony’s new mini-album Harmony: In Zero and the single ‘Doom Du Doom’ are available on all streaming platforms.

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