NCT U enjoy the Monsoon season in single Rain Day

This NCT U release features Taeil, Kun and YangYang


As the Moonson season is nearing the end, NCT’s Taeil, Kun and YangYang are enjoying and making the most out of it in the NCT U’s latest single, ‘Rain Day’.

‘Rain Day’ brings together NCT 127’s main vocalist Taeil, WayV’s Kun and YangYang in a mid-tempo R&B song perfect for relaxed and carefree summer days. With English lyrics, the song expresses the feeling of wanting to win back a love that has gone. The R&B flair, vocals, lyrics and cinematography of the video give a sense of nostalgia and wanting to go back to those summer days when everything was easy and happier with your loved one next to you. At the same time, these memories are comforting.

‘Rain Day’ is produced by Kun and co-written by Kun, singer-songwriter JUNNY and Squar. Earlier this week, Kun shared on Weibo that he composed the song two years ago during the rainy season. He also added that the song is about a person driving in the night rain, listening to the radio playing a familiar track and bringing back memories. 

YangYang also took on Weibo, saying how happy he is to be able to participate in Kun’s composed track, how Kun worked hard and went through a lot with ‘Rain Day’ and so, after a long time, being able to see the song being released makes him happy for Kun.

In the music video, Taeil – and an inseparable Corgi – Kun and YangYang enjoy a relaxed summer day with friends, making memories, riding bicycles, chilling alongside the river and dancing under the rainfall at night.

Taeil, Kun and YangYang will feature on NCT’s THE NCT SHOW in THE NCT UNIVERSE’s Music Space on July 24. In this Music Space, Taeil and YangYang will be guests on Kun’s talk show. The trio will talk about ‘Rain Day’ production behind stories, their dreams and more. The video will be available on NCT Official YouTube at 10 pm KST on July 24.

‘Rain Day’ is the latest release from the new SM STATION music project called “STATION: NCTLAB”. NCTLAB will allow all the NCT members to release their self-composed tracks, either as soloists or as different units; this is another opportunity for the artists to express and share their creativity, artistry, and express themselves. The platform also allows fans to learn more about the members’ musicality as these future releases won’t be tracks featured on any NCT album.

The project was announced in January 2022 and the first track released under the NCT LAB project was Mark’s ‘Child’ in February. The track was followed by the release of ‘coNEXTion (Age of Light)’ by NCT U – featuring Doyoung, Mark and Haechan.

The next NCT LAB track will be released in August and will be Jaehyun’s much-awaited solo.

‘Rain Day’ is available on all streaming platforms.

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