Nicki Minaj pays for fans’ tuition fees over Twitter, proving she is a literal queen


A lot of people tend to believe that the rich and famous are selfish and greedy. But that theory was proven wrong last night when Nicki Minaj offered to pay for fans’ tuition fees right over Twitter.

Nicki Minaj paid fans' tuition fees
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It all started when Nicki was talking about a competition she was running and how anyone in the world could enter, because she could afford to fly people out from anywhere. That’s when a fan decided to see if Nicki really did have the money by asking her to pay their tuition fees.

The fan may have been joking around, but Nicki was deadly serious.

Fans started to request to Nicki for help paying their school and college fees, and Miss Minaj was happy to oblige.

The catch to this was that the fans had to prove they had good grades for Nicki to know they were working hard and deserved her assistance.

Of course, multiple people were calling out in need of Nicki’s help, and she responded to as many as she could.

She even helped with student loans and supplies!

It seems that this may be a regular thing to take place, too, since Nicki really liked helping her fans.

Nicki isn’t the only queen of music that’s out here helping people with education, either. Recently, to celebrate the one year anniversary of ‘Lemonade’, Beyoncé set up the Formation Scholars, where she will award four scholarships per chosen college to female incoming, current or graduate students pursuing studies in creative arts, music, literature or African American studies.

Nicki Minaj paid fans' tuition fees
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Seeing big names like Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé doing what they can to help fans get a good education is so inspiring and the kind of attitude and help this world needs. Anyone who has enough success to have money to spare should definitely take after these women and help out where possible, because the world and society would be a much better place with more kind hearts.

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