Reminisce with some of Niall’s best St Paddy’s Day Tweets

It's time to reminisce on some of Niall's St. Patrick Day tweets through the years.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Whenever we think of St. Patrick’s Day, we think of Ireland, which definitely *always* makes us think of Niall.

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If you’ve been following him long, you should totally already know he’s Irish – and very proud of it.

Almost every year since 1D, Niall celebrates the holiday by tweeting about it, so what better way to celebrate the day than take a trip down memory lane?

In 2015, we got a custom playlist.

The following two are forever some of the best Tweets.

(We literally just tried Googling to see if he came up as a result)

Typical Niall, always brings up golf.

Similar to his tweet in 2019, Niall is once again staying home during the holiday this year. Just yesterday, our fave Irishman spoke to Zach Sang, on the Zach Sang Show, about his 2020 St. Patrick’s Day plans.

“They’ve closed all the pubs… so I’ll just be doing nothing… not much. To be honest, St Patrick’s Day, like most holidays in America, is huge! Americans make the holiday into a much bigger deal. In Ireland, we don’t really need another excuse to go to the pubs [laughs]… So yeah, it’s not as crazy in Ireland. But it’s, obviously like, our national holiday- so we do celebrate to some extent. But this time, with all that’s going on in the world, its probably best that we don’t.”

Last but not least, here’s today’s tweet!

If you haven’t yet listened to Niall’s brand new album, HeartBreak Weather, NOW is the perfect time!


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