Is Niall Horan collabing with Shania Twain? He spills the beans on Trending Live


You know how the rumour mill works – someone has a tiny bit of possible information and it gets spread like Chinese Whispers, ending up into this mahoosive big story that’s quite the juicy gossip. It happens a lot when you’re famous, especially when your name’s Niall Horan. So what rumour is Nialler clearing up this time?

Well, word on the street is that Mr Horan was in the studio with the Shania Twain and there was a possibility of a collab. But, Niall has spoken about them and confirmed they’re only partially true. He was in the studio with her – but that’s because she was in the room next door and the pair decided to have a meal together. Pretty casual, y’know.

So, will there be a country collab on the horizon for Niall? In his dreams, maybe…

Niall’s currently out and about doing all sorts of promo and recently performed at Capital’s Summertime Ball alongside Little Mix, Stormzy and fellow 1D bandmate, Liam Payne, and gave 50,000 people a stonker of a performance, check it out…

We cannot wait to see what Niall’s got planned next and who he really is collaborating with.

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