Emma Blackery unveils Feel Good 101 book cover and announces book tour date!


Our girl, Emma Blackery, is in the midst of a busy 2017. From releasing her new EP, ‘Magnitised‘, to touring and now working on her new book, ‘Feel good 101’. We’re so psyched!

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In her latest video, Emma revealed the cover of ‘Feel Good 101’ and we are absolutely in love with it.

The book is a spin-off from Emma’s YouTube series ‘Feel Good 101’, which is full of advice from the singer-turned-YouTuber from her own experiences. When speaking about her book to us recently, she said: “if one kid reads that book and thinks “you know what? I am going to take myself less seriously and I am going to stop worrying about so much, there’s someone who understands how I feel” then it was worth writing it, the six or seven months it took just constantly writing it. I used to have a real problem with it [the idea of YouTuber books], but now just I think if it helps one person, then it’s a good thing to have out in the world.”

Emma has also announced her UK book tour, where she will visit eight cities for book signings and hold some Q&As. Dates and links to tickets can be found below.

Waterstones London Piccadilly, Thursday 7th September 6:30pm – tickets here
Glee Club, Birmingham, Friday 8th September 7pm – tickets here
Waterstones Liverpool, Saturday 9th September 12pm – tickets here
Waterstones Manchester, Saturday 9th September 5:30pm – tickets here
Waterstones Newcastle, Sunday 10th September 11am – tickets here
Waterstones Edinburgh, Sunday 10th September 5:30pm – tickets here
Waterstones Glasgow, Monday 11th September 7pm – tickets here
Waterstones Brighton, Thursday 14th September 7pm – tickets here

Tickets are on sale now, so be sure to grab yours quick!

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