Niall Horan releases relatable track Meltdown

Niall Horan releases the second single from his upcoming album, The Show.


Niall Horan has been treating his fans with a lot of new content recently and he is showing no signs of slowing down by releasing another single last week. ‘Meltdown’ was released last Friday and is the second single from his upcoming album, The Show.

‘Meltdown’ proves how much Niall has matured as a songwriter with lyrics talking about anxiety and how everything will get better. The song has a consistent fast pace that echoes what it’s like to feel heightened anxiety and panic attacks.

Niall wrote a note to his fans on social media, explaining how he feels about the song, “I know a lot of my fans and friends struggle with mental health issues. I’ve always made a point of writing to those people through my songs. I want to let them know that they’re not alone and we can feel those feelings in our own way. I wanted the verse lyric to capture those frantic moments when you feel like so much is going wrong and there’s no real rationale for what’s happening. I really love how the tempo of the song and the groove intensifies that feeling of spiraling out of control, and adds even more urgency to the panic and irrational thinking. In the chorus there is a major shift in the mood as there is some calm brought to the chaos. It gives the feeling of ‘Everything will be alright.’”

You can watch the lyric video down below.

Niall spoke of how the song is a “good summer jam” yet completely relatable for most people. His fans have commented on how they’ve been needing a song like Meltdown for so long.

‘Meltdown’ is out now. The Show is due for release on 9th June but can be pre-ordered now.

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