Niall Horan and Harry Styles are releasing new music! Be still our Narry hearts


Good news, One Direction fans! No, they’re not getting back together just yet, quit asking because we’re wishing as much as you are. But the next best thing is happening – both Niall Horan and Harry Styles are releasing new music this week!

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Earlier today it was announced that Harry would be debuting his track ‘Sweet Creature’ from his debut solo album tomorrow on Beats 1, which has got us flippin’ flustered, we’re glad it’s a bank holiday or we’d be in the office completely shook.

Now, if you thought that was enough; Niall bloody Horan has only gone and announced his second single AT LAST.

You boys planned this, didn’t you? You know Narry stans are sensitive and you just made us convulse with the amount of excitement.

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The month has barely started but May is already my favourite so far. Bring it on, lads. My body is ready.

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