8 hairstyles you can rock at a music festival this year


Now that Coachella 2017 has come and gone, music festival season has officially started—meaning that it’s time not only get your party on but to ensure your fashion and beauty are on point as well. If you’re wondering how to wear your hair this year, worry not; here are some amazing festival hairstyles you can rock at anywhere this year.

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1. Space Buns


Space Buns are pretty popular at the moment and are perfect for festivals. They’re quirky, cute and mean you don’t have to make too much fuss over your ‘do while you’re living it up in the party world.

2. Beach Waves


Beach waves may not be the most creative trend, but it’s the perfect look if you’re not too into bold hairstyles and want your hair to look effortlessly gorgeous – like a Disney Princess. They’re one of the classic festival hairstyles.

3. Double French Braids


Another way to keep your hair looking effortlessly amazing is by simply putting them into two French braids. Especially useful if you’re camping at the festival, because it lessens the chance of your hair becoming tangled, which is a right nightmare to deal with in the morning.

4. Pastel Hair

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Thinking about dyeing your hair for festival season? Pastel colours are all the rage right now! It’s taking a step away from the neon days of festivals, and we at UBP are loving it.

5. Top Knot

Keep your hair out of the way but still look cute AF with a simple top knot or half top knot. This is one of the easiest festival hairstyles to master. #MessyHairFTW

6. Glitter Roots

2017 is the year of sparkles, and what better way to be on trend than with these glitter roots? It’s daring, bold and beaut. Guaranteed you’ll be seeing a lot of this at festivals.

7. Pigtail bunches

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Pigtail bunches are back—Vanessa Hudgens, queen of Coachella, wore them, so by default they are now a festival trend. She actually wasn’t the only one to rock the look at the desert festival, so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of people donning V’s look this Summer.

8. Crystal Tiara


If you’re looking for a good accessory for your hair, then a crystal tiara is perfect for a quirky but cute look. If it were possible, I’d wear one every day – even just to the supermarket.

What of these festival hairstyles will you be rocking this year? Be sure to tag us in Instagram snaps @UnitedByPop so you can be our hairspo.

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