NCT tease second title track “Beautiful”

NCT tease second title track "Beautiful"


Updated December 13

After the official release of the preview single from NCT’s “Universe”, the group have teased the second lead track from their upcoming new album.

The track is titled “Beautiful” and in the teaser we see the 21 members dancing in a street under a snowy sky, singing “​​You’re the one and only on earth / I wait for the moment that will shine the world / Just like that, it’s perfect, beautiful / Beautiful, beautiful you are”.

NCT’s third album “Universe” will be released on December 14 at 6 pm KST.

Updated December 9

One day until the release of the single “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)” and NCT U have treated us to a MV teaser, revealing a little bit more of what we can expect from the official music video and song.

In the teaser, the boys are engaging in a baseball game, in between shots of the group performing choreography over an hip-hop instrumental full of energy that sustains Mark’s rap. The music video has a sporty, and at the same time, rebellious concept.

“Universe (Let’s Play Ball”) is sung by Doyoung, Jungwoo, Mark, Xiaojun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, YangYang, and Shotaro. The track will receive its premiere during the MAMA Ceremony on 11th December – while the single and music video will be released on 10th December (6 pm KST).

“Universe (Let’s Play Ball)” is one of the two title tracks from NCT’s third album Universe, which will be released on 14th December (6 pm KST).

Updated December 8

NCT U are gearing up for the release of “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)”, happening in two days, and have released a new set of teaser images for each member and the group.

Check the images below!










After NCT Dream’s “Dreaming”, WayV’s “Miracle”, and NCT 127 “Earthquake”, “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)” is the next track to be teased from NCT upcoming album Universe. NCT U’s single and leading track from NCT’s album will be released on 10th December (6 pm KST).

NCT have announced that the members have left surprise messages for the upcoming Universe album on a Universe Spotify playlist.

NCT’s third full album Universe will be released on 14th December (6 pm KST) on all major digital platforms.

Updated December 7

NCT U have released the first video teaser and group image for their upcoming single “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)”. The single is set to be released on 10th December (6 pm KST) and serves as a pre-release to NCT’s third album Universe, out 14th December (6 pm KST).

In the teasers, NCT U are getting ready to play a whole new type of baseball, giving off NCT 127’s “Simon Says” vibes with their masks.

“Universe (Let’s Play Ball”) is sung by Doyoung, Jungwoo, Mark, Xiaojun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, YangYang, and Shotaro. NCT U are set to perform the song for the first time at 2021 MAMA on 11th December.

Updated December 6

NCT 127 are causing an earthquake ahead of the release of NCT’s third album Universe. The nine members shared the 2:37 minute track video on 6th December.

NCT 127 are dancing and singing in a post-earthquake scenario. The group fiercely dance and sing over this hip-hop dance song, showing their alluring charisma and skills. The track has been presented as a song with “explosive energy”, highlighting the group’s “rough, chic charms”. The lyrics express following one’s dreams and moving towards them as a “dream rotation”; the song delivers a confident story of forgetting the past and starting a new beginning, causing big changes like earthquakes.

NCTzens have very well received “Earthquake” and have expressed their excitement across all social media over the past hours. Best comments go to these comments under the video on YouTube.

NCT 127’s “Earthquake” follows the release of two other songs that will be featured on NCT’s upcoming third album Universe: NCT DREAM’s “Dreaming” and Way V’s “Miracle”.

NCT’s Universe will be released worldwide on 14th December (6 pm KST).

Updated December 5

NCT have unveiled teaser images for the subunit NCT 127 and their track “Earthquake” from NCT’s upcoming album Universe. The teasers are showing NCT 127’s raw, rough and intense charisma.

After NCT Dream’s “Dreaming” and WayV’s “Miracle” video teasers, NCT will release the video teaser for “Earthquake” on 6th December (12am KST) on their social media platforms and YouTube.

Meanwhile, NCT U’s “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)” will be released on 10th December ahead of the release of NCT’s full album Universe on 14th December.

Updated December 4

WayV’s “Miracle” track video has been released!

WayV’s “Miracle” is an English groovy R&B song with smooth and sensuous vocals.

Mnet’s MAMA announced that NCT U will be performing the song “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)” at the 2021 MAM Awards on 11th December.

The title track from NCT’s upcoming third album is sung by Doyoung, Jungwoo, Mark, Xiaojun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, YangYang, and Shotaro, and it will be pre-released on 10th December.

NCT’s full album Universe will be released on 14th December.

Updated December 3

NCT’s WayV are the next sub-unit to release image teasers for their track “Miracle”, from the soon-to-be-released NCT’s third album Universe. This time round, WayV’s Lucas and Winwin are not part of the line-up in this NCT 2021 comeback.




NCT’s Universe is set to be released on 14th December, with the first title track “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)” to be released on 10th December.

Updated December 2

NCT DREAM shares the track video for “Dreaming”, a B-side included in NCT’s upcoming third album Universe.

“Dreaming” is a house-R&B dance track, infused with a soft and dreamy beat in the first part that switches to a deep bass line in the second part.

NCT’s “Universe” will be released on 14th December (6 pm KST) and they will pre-release the song “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)” on 10th December. The new single is a hip-hop-based R&B dance song featuring an addictive chorus, and is expected to provide powerful synergy with Doyoung, Jungwoo, Mark, Xiaojun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Yangyang, and Shotaro singing, and Marl’s rapping.

Updated December 1

13 days until the release of NCT’s third album Universe and NCT DREAM have just unveiled teaser photos for their track “Dreaming”. Jisung, Chenle, Jaemin, Haechan, Jeno, Renjun, and Mark take the stage in these pictorials; tones of purple, pink, blue, and neutral colours are predominant in the solo photos, while in the group pictures we see neutral colours again, plus black and white outfits.








NCT’s third album, Universe, will be released on 14th December and contains a total of 13 songs, showing NCT’s various combinations and colours, including the double title songs “Beautiful” and “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)”. On the same day, NCT will go live on their YouTube channel for a special countdown release from 4:30 pm (KST).

Updated November 30

A new Universe teaser is here. The latest teaser video is titled “NCT 2021 YearDream: Stage 4 – Resonance” and features Taeyong, Mark, Jeno, Jungwoo, Jaehyun, Sungchan, and Shotaro. This teaser has a completely different mood from the previous four; some scenes have a futuristic and sci-fi vibe and visuals, while in others the members are hanging around a pond with swings. Their outfits are also different, looking like modern Romeos. The music is different as well – something between elevator music and a smooth psychedelic chill song.

To celebrate the release of Universe, NCT will hold a live broadcast on NCT’s YouTube channel on 14th December, from 4:30 pm (KST), for about 90 minutes – until the time of release (6 pm KST). In the broadcast, the members will entertain their global fans with stories related to the third album Universe, including how they feel about the comeback, introducing the new album, sharing behind-the-scenes stories and work, and talking about how they have been doing.

NCT’s third full-length album Universe, released on 14th December, contains a total of 13 songs including double title songs “Let’s Play Ball” and “Beautiful,” as well as NCT U’s music featuring new combinations and charms of members depending on the song.

Updated November 28

NCT keep adding pieces to their Universe concept with another teaser video titled “NCT 2021 YearDream: Stage 2 – Surfing in our Dreams”, placing the teaser between “Stage 1” and “Stage 3”.

Before we dive into “Stage 2”, a recap of the order of appearances for all of the NCT members:
“Stage 0” – Taeyong, Shotaro, and Sungchan
“Stage 3” – Hendery, Jaemin, Johnny, Shotaro, and Sungchan
“Stage 1” – Jjisung, Renjun, Doyoung, Kun, Yangyang, and Haechan

In “Stage 2” we see Taeil, Chenle, Ten, Yuta, Xiaojun and WinWin. The video starts with Taeil in a living room reading a book titled “color psychology”; the sequence shifts to a slot machine – seen at the beginning of the video – which shows the number 10 and three water droplet symbols, like the emoji 💦. The door in the living room Taeil is in starts to move back, creating a corridor; Taeil walks towards the corridor giving us his back, turns around, and the scene shifts to Chenle in an empty swimming pool, chilling on a sun lounger, eating snacks and… Taeil is there too. Cartoon-version Taeil appears and surfs into another room where Ten is dancing. Taeil’s cartoon walks into the room, hitting the speaker’s power cable, causing the music to stop; cartoon Taeil stands in front of Ten, waving at him, but Ten can’t see him.

The teaser then shows Yuta entering a living room – different from Taeil’s – where Xiaojun is watching TV and reading. Yuta tries to get Xiaojun attention but fails until the lights start to flicker. Xiaojun looks in the mirror and sees Yuta for a split second.

Another change of scene. WinWin walks in an empty street while listening to music. Yuta’s cartoon version is following him. Suddenly WinWin turns around, puts his hand forward for Taeil to shake it or get any form of contact with him, and Taeil puts his hand towards WinWin.

NCT’s third album Universe will be released on 14th December and contains a total of 13 songs, showing NCT’s various combinations and colours, including the double title songs “Beautiful” and “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)”.

Updated November 26

NCT have shared another YearDream teaser for their upcoming album Universe. The clip is titled “NCT 2021 YearDream: Stage 1 – Seeing Myself in a Dream”. This is the third teaser and so far we’ve gone from “Stage 0 – The 7th Sense (The first encounter of a Dream)” to “Stage 3 – Synchronization of Dreams”, and now we’re back to Stage 1.

In this YearDream we see a bit of a day-in-the-life of some of the members: Jisung is playing with a dog – the dog refers to himself as Jisung – Renjun is a food delivery guy who delivers a delicious meal to Jisung. Doyoung goes on a car ride while listening to himself on the radio, Kun is looking to find the perfect outfit, Yangyang plays squash – against himself – and Heechan is the king of video games.

The teaser is sweet, heartwarming, and at the same time full of 10/10 visuals. In the video, we can also hear the tracks “Focus”, “All For Love” and “Welcome To My Playground”.

After this third installment, does the plot thicken for you?

NCT’s third full album Universe will be released on 14th December (6 pm KST) across all streaming platforms.

Updated November 24

NCT have dropped a new teaser/concept video for the upcoming release of Universe, set to be released on 14th December. The new teaser, “NCT 2021 YearDream: Stage 3 – Synchronization of Dreams”, features members Hendery, Jaemin, Johnny, Shotaro, and Sungchan.

In the almost six-minute video, we see Hendery sitting in a lime green egg chair in an empty field. He lifts a whistle hanging from his neck, similar to what Taeyong and Sungchan had in the previous trailer. As he blows the whistle, we see Jaemin sitting across from Hendery, in a black egg chair mirroring his actions. The two members alternate playing frequencies on their whistles until Jaemin hits a specific tone, hits the chair backward, and finds himself in a bedroom waking up from a dream.

Jaemin checks the chain around his neck to look for the whistle and sees that it’s not there. A doorbell rings – Jaemin goes to answer it and Hendery is on the other side of it with the whistle, which he gives to Jaemin. The doorbell rings again; Jaemin opens the door and finds some railway tracks, with the house becoming a train. The train goes through a cartoon-animated universe before shifting to Johnny’s dream sequence.

Johnny is a passenger on this futuristic train and seems a bit apprehensive. He picks up his phone and sends the text message “What’s wrong?” (무슨일 없지?) to an unknown person, then grabs a book titled A Dream Within A Dream by Edgar Allan Poe – the book that Jaehyun was reading in ‘NCTmentary EP4. Synchronization of Dreams’.

With stormy weather outside, Johnny decides to put his headphones on. We can hear a radio tuning to the right frequency while Johnny falls asleep and we’re pulled into his dream, where we see Shotaro fixing his clothes. He walks in front of a mirror, fixes his clothes, puts on a bucket hat, and then starts dancing to NCT’s 2020 “Interlude: Past to Present”.

Shotaro looks back and sees an animated shape taking form in the mirror. As he gets closer, he sees a group of boys appearing in it and we’re suddenly brought into Sungchan’s reality. He’s in a hair and make-up chair, with stylists around him as he looks around and finds the chain with the whistle. The video then ends with burst of colours, similar to what we saw in the previous sequences with Jaemin and Johnny.

NCT’s third album Universe will be released on 14th December. It contains a total of 13 songs, showing NCT’s various combinations and colours, including the double title songs “Beautiful” and “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)”.

“Beautiful” is a pop ballad that combines piano and bass sounds, with the lyrics delivering a positive and comforting message to those who are tired and in need. It’s a reminder to not forget that you are the only and special thing in the world and to keep chasing your dreams. The 21 members will be part of “Beautiful” with Johnny, Taeyong, Mark, Hendery, and Jeno participating in making the rap parts.

Updated November 22

NCT have released the first teaser video for Universe, their upcoming comeback album.

The teaser titled “YearDream: Stage 0 – The 7th Sense (The first encounter of a Dream)” brings us back to when NCT U debuted with the single ‘The 7th Sense’ – a song that also plays at the end of the video.

The concept is once again mysterious, and it features clips from ‘SM_NCT #1. The Origin’ and ‘SM_NCT #2. The Synchronization of Your Dreams’. In this clip, we see the members traveling through space and time, just like in a dream, and delivering the message that dreaming is just another medium we can use to connect with one another and reach a different universe.

The new album has a total of 13 songs, including the two title tracks ‘Universe (Let’s Play Ball)’ and ‘Beautiful’.

Pre-orders for the physical copy of Universe are available from today on international and Korean websites. Universe is set to be released on 14th December at 6 pm KST.

Updated November 21

NCT’s Universe group photos have been revealed!

The first photo brings back the axes theme seen in the individual teasers, now similar to the axes where the planets in the solar system are orbiting – considering the title of the album, it could represent the orbits of the 21 members in the NCT Universe. In the second photo, the members stand next to each other wearing sashes with the words “NEW AXIS” written on them.


NCT’s third album, Universe, will be released on 14th December.

Updated November 20

NCT have released the fourth round of individual teasers for Johnny, Yuta, Ten, Mark, and Sungchan.

The aesthetic follows NCT’s futuristic concept. Each member stands on a platform between axes at different angles, with outfits from the first group teaser photo in shades of blue, black, and grey.

The ‘NEWAXIS’ word appears on Ten, Johnny, Yuta, and Sungchan’s faces, while the laser red light is for Mark and Yuta, and Johnny is also captured with the kaleidoscope effect.





If ‘NEWAXIS’ will really become a Unit – as NCTzens are speculating – then the members will be Taeyong, Jisung, Yangyang, Xiaojun, Chenle, Jaehyun, Shotaro, Hendery, Ten, Johnny, Yuta, and Sungchan.

Updated November 19

New day, new teasers from NCT. The third batch of teasers for their upcoming comeback album, Universe, has been released.

Of course, the setting and the concept are the same as the other two drops. In the latest, Hendery, Shotaro, Renjun, Haechan, and Jaehyun are posing in front of a futuristic tunnel in one photo and in the other, in the middle of two metal rings which have a different angle for each member.

In the third photo, Hendery, Shotaro, and Jaehyun have the word ‘NEWAXIS’ projected on their faces. A red beam of light appears on Renjun and Haechan. Shotaro’s ‘NEWAXIS’ photo has a kaleidoscope effect, and Renjun is also posing in the kaleidoscopic setting.

Fans have started to speculate that the themes in the teasers could suggest possible new formations, like a ‘NEWAXIS’ unit. What do you think?

We just need to wait for a few more teasers to discover more!

NCT’s third album, Universe, will be released on 14th December.

Updated November 18

NCT have dropped more teaser photos for their third studio album, Universe.
Jeno, Xiaojun, Chenle, Jungwoo, and Kun are featured in the second batch of photographs. The members look sophisticated in this futuristic set that fans have yet to fully discover.


NCT’s third album, ‘Universe’, will be released on 14th December.

Original article
Ready to welcome back NCT?

NCT have dropped new teasers for their upcoming third album, Universe, set to release on the 14th of December.

On 18th November, NCT revealed individual teasers photos for members Taeyong, Jaemin, Jisung, Yangyang, Taeil, and Doyoung. The members are posing in a sci-fi, futuristic setting with the word ‘NEWAXIS’ projected on Yangyang, Jisung, and Taeyeong’s faces.

Over the past days, the NCT and its sub-unit accounts shared teasers for their third studio album, Universe” serving as a follow-up to the two-part album NCT 2020 Resonance – releases that served to introduce two new members, Shotaro and Sungchan.

In the teaser poster shared on 16th November, 21 members will be joining the comeback: Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Kun, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Haechan, Mark, Xiaojun, Hendery, Renjun, Jeno, Jaemin, Yangyang, Chenle, Jisung, Shotaro, and Sungchan. Lucas and WinWin are not listed for this release.

NCT’s sub-units are having a fairly busy 2021 with NCT 127’s Japanese EP Loveholic, WayV’s third EP Kick Back, NCT Dream’s first studio album Hot Sauce and its repackage Hello Future, and NCT 127’s third studio album Sticker and its repackage Favorite. WayV’s Kun and Xiaojun released the single “Back To You”, while TEN and Yangyang released “Low Low”.

NCT 127 have just announced a series of concerts in Seoul in December as part of their NCT 127 2nd Tour Neo City: Seoul – The Link and will perform on The Kelly Clarkson Show on 17th November.

NCT’s third album Universe is set to be released on 14th December, and pre-orders are available starting 22nd November.

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