Natalie Shay stars in her new music video Figure of 8

The music video for her new single is empowering yet emotional (and maybe even recognisable for many)


24-year old Natalie Shay is someone you might’ve already heard of. The indie-pop singer who has been heard on BBC Radio 1 and played on different festival across the UK, Shay is creating an amazing name for herself in the industry. Earlier this month the singer released her newest single ‘Figure of 8’ — a song about being stuck in a toxic yet addictive relationship, but it’s been told in Shay’s authentic way and all written in her bedroom at 4AM. To accompany the track, the singer dropped a powerful music video.

In the music video, Shay expresses exactly what the song is about; destructive, gut-wrenching relationships and despite being heartbroken she runs back for more, with the figure of 8 symbolising this vicious cycle. The video shows the cycle by starting from arguing in that relationship to becoming more peaceful and free. It’s a mix of something really toxic but also a bit about self-love. Which reflects the problems for lots of people in the situation.

We can’t wait to see and hear more from Natalie Shay — remember her name!

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