MONSTA X draw a different SHAPE OF LOVE in their new EP

SHAPE OF LOVE is lead by the title track 'LOVE' produced by Joohoney


There is so much to say and learn about love, and MONSTA X have quite extensively explored the topic with their releases over the past seven years – All About Luv, ‘Love Killa” and Flavors of Love are just a few – but with the release of SHAPE OF LOVE, it seems that the worldwide phenomenon MONSTA X are done talking about love.

SHAPE OF LOVE is MONSTA X’s 11th mini-album consisting of six tracks collecting their profound insights and interpretation of different shapes of love; from self-love, love for their team and music, to – of course – their love for their fans ‘MONBEBE’. Through this project, MONSTA X have put a unique colour to the topic.

The leading track, ‘LOVE’ – with Joohoney as a producer on a title track for the third time – portrays the definition of love and its meaning from their perspective. ‘LOVE’ is the quintessence of what MONSTA X are musically and visually. It’s an incredibly catchy bop where the members’ vocals blend with rapping on a bright melody.

The title track is paired with a glamorous and polished music video in which MONSTA X show their stylish side in different aesthetic scenarios, before then appearing elegantly dressed up in sparkling tuxedos at what seems to be an award ceremony and performing their newly released track.

‘LOVE’ talks about unconditional love and admiration towards one, and how we suddenly become innocent children who can’t hide their emotions when falling in love.

On the mini-album, we find the track ‘Burning Up’, featuring Dutch DJ and producer R3HAB, with Hyungwon contributing as a lyricist, composer, and arranger. ‘Wildfire’, co-produced by Hyungwon, I.M and Joohoney – is a song that expresses how love can turn into pain. ‘사랑한다’ – produced by Joohoney, expressing that MONSTA X’s love for MONBEBE is forever.

Talking about the last track, ‘AND’, I.M. – who wrote, composed, and arranged the song, says: “We are faced with endless hellos and goodbyes. As if there’s no eternal relationship or everlasting farewell, it seems to come back again once in a lifetime. Just like how there’s only a one-letter difference between ‘End’ and ‘And’”.

SHAPE OF LOVE was released five months after their 10th mini-album No Limit and four months after their second English album The Dreaming. After its release on April 26, according to the Hanteo Chart, SHAPE of LOVE topped the daily album charts on April 26 and real-time charts as of 3 pm KST on April 27. It also topped the Worldwide and European iTunes Album Chart and the iTunes Top Albums charts in over 15 countries, including Brazil, Indonesia, Norway, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Moreover, it’s time for MONBEBE in the US to meet MONSTA X again. The group is preparing to hit the US starting May 21st at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City before continuing across the US for a total of 10 concerts.

SHAPE OF LOVE, MONSTA X 11th mini-album, is available on all major streaming platforms and iTunes.

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