Miley Cyrus drops her first ever live album ATTENTION

The stage is where we see Miley like the rockstar she truly is


Miley Cyrus has dropped her first ever live album ATTENTION. It’s hard to believe she’s never released one before, as the stage is where she truly comes into her own and demonstrates her rockstar status.

The new album features a mega setlist of 20 songs, all recorded during Miley’s Super Bowl Music Fest performance at Arena, Los Angeles in February this year.

Prior to the album’s release, Miley revealed that her fans played a big part in choosing which songs made the tracklist.

“My fans have been asking me for a live album for a long time & I am so exxxited to give it to them! This show was curated BY the fans FOR the fans! I asked my audience what songs they’d like to see me perform at upcoming shows and this is the set list YOU created! From fan favorite covers to some of my oldest songs, newest songs & original unreleased songs “YOU” & ATTENTION!” she wrote in a statement.

The release of Attention follows a string of huge concerts Miley performed across South America last month, including music festivals Lollapalooza Argentina, Chile and Brazil which drew crowds of 100,000+ people.

“I was doing a minimal amount of live shows this year and wanted the MAXIMUM amount of fans to experience ME LIVE! This album wouldn’t be possible without my band & crew! Thank you to everyone who came to see my show & anyone who couldn’t make it THIS ALBUM IS FOR YOU! I LOVE YOU! 🖤”

The album tracklist is a real eclectic mix, proving Miley’s versatility and range. From old releases like ‘7 Things’ and ‘The Climb’ to her newer material like ‘Plastic Hearts’ and ‘Never Be Me’. Miley also performs her own cover versions of timeless hits such as Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ and Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’. There are also two brand new songs: ‘You’ and ‘Attention’.

Miley addresses this exploration herself in a short speech following the live performance of ‘Jolene’:

“I hope this show is a representation of you never need to choose who you want to be, and you don’t need to fit into any boundaries or into any boxes. You can be anything and everything that you’ve ever wanted to be all at the same time. Everything that contradicts itself can coexist in harmony and I believe that. And sometimes you may look ridiculous, like you’re wearing some sort of, I don’t know, 3033 workout attire and a fucking cowboy hat. But you know what, that’s how I feel today. I feel like I’d like to time travel into the future where we all have a little bit more understanding but we never will, we’ll never quite understand. It’s all evolving right in front of all us. We’re evolving in front of ourselves. Somedays even I’m surprised by the shit that I do, but that’s what makes each of us so individual.”

One thing’s for sure – there’s no artist out there doing it quite like Miley Cyrus is right now.

Buy/stream ATTENTION by clicking here.

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