Måneskin return with new single SUPERMODEL

And it's just as hot as these four Italians ;)


Måneskin are back with new music! and this time it’s with their brand new single ‘SUPERMODEL’. The four Italians who won Eurovision last year are ready to take over the world again after having a small break to make new music in the studio.

It’s been an crazy year for Måneskin, after their victory at the Eurovision song contest in 2021 turned their world upside down. They started to go viral on TikTok with their cover on ‘Beggin’ and started to build a career in the USA, with as highlight: playing at Coachella.

The band wrote ‘SUPERMODEL’ also in the USA, in their studio in Los Angeles where they were spending time for a few months. The song is completely different from Måneskin’s other songs. ”We’ve experimented a lot on the record. It’s always us of course, but I think fans will like it.” says Victoria Deangelis, the bassist from the band. (And yes we DO like it!).

The song is a view about being a celebrity, how hard it can be sometimes to be famous. They started making this song with thinking about an enigmatic Supermodel character, who’s looks really fun, social and cool. In reality she’s everything than that, she’s actually trouble and she hides her sadness and addiction. However this song sounds like an amazing summer BOP for our ‘hot girl’ summer playlist, do we maybe have to think twice to not to put it in the ‘sad girl’ summer list.

Måneskin will perform ‘SUPERMODEL’ at the Grand Finale of Eurovision 2022 on May 14th. Make sure you don’t miss it out!

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