Maisie Peters releases pop anthem Lost The Breakup

The second single from Maisie's upcoming album The Good Witch is here


It wouldn’t be a Maisie Peters single release if we weren’t teased with so many gloriously catchy TikTok snippets that we already had the song stuck in our heads before it’s even out.

‘Lost The Breakup’, the second single from Maisie’s hotly anticipated album The Good Witch is no different. With an anthemic chorus reminiscent of her debut album’s title track ‘You Signed Up For This’, the feel-good single will be the soundtrack to our lives for the foreseeable future.

Maisie is confidently back in her pop girl era, after a string of standalone singles last year (‘Cate’s Brother’, ‘Blonde‘, ‘Not Another Rockstar’) which saw her embrace her inner rock chick. The track follows the lead single of the new album, ‘Body Better’ – a vulnerable song inspired by her own insecurities.

Meanwhile, ‘Lost The Breakup’ is a fantasy of the moment Maisie realises she’s come off better than her ex.

“i wrote this song and knew in my bones that it was special – i wonder if i have played it the most out of the whole album. if body better was me at my lowest, lost the breakup was me clawing my way back up and out; it feels like dressing up in sequins and going to a party with your best friends, like cheap champagne and smudged lipstick and burgers on the floor at 3am. it feels like a song i’ll want to sing live for the rest of my life. and oh shit! we filmed the music video in tokyo of course”

Maisie will perform ‘Lost The Breakup’ for the first time tonight, Friday 31st March, when she makes her late-night debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

On 3rd November, Maisie will play her biggest headline show to date at Wembley’s OVO Arena.

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