BLACKPINK’s JISOO makes her solo debut

With her first solo album ME, JISOO is finally making her solo debut!


March 31st is a date that many BLINKS and other K-pop fans have marked on their calendars. After a long wait, BLACKPINK‘s JISOO released her first solo album ME. With songs like ‘FLOWER’ and ‘All Eyes On Me’, JISOO is now the last member of BLACKPINK to make her solo debut.

BLINKs all over the world have been waiting for a long time for JISOO’S solo debut with her album ME. The first track on the album, ‘FLOWER’, is about the end of a relationship. JISOO sings about the responsibilities in a relationship, where she also reflects how she is. However, she knows that her partner wasn’t able to keep her. That’s the point where JISOO is describing herself as a flower; she must be protected, that’s also what you can hear back in the song. ‘I’m okay, would you be as well? On a beautiful day without a single cloud. There was nothing left but the scent of a flower’. ‘FLOWER’ is truly an anthem for all the strong women out there who are in a situation like this. The concept of the music video works with it as well, where the story is being told.

The sidetrack of the album, ‘All Eyes On Me’ is a song that fits the concept of ‘FLOWER’, it’s a sort of follow up of the song. In ‘All Eyes On Me’ JISOO is looking back into her heart; ‘Don’t fill it up with meaningless words, focus on me now. So that I can understand your mysterious heart.’ In an interview with Naver, JISOO describe the song as ‘Feeling cheerful yet deadly’.

In the run-up to JISOO’s solo album, the members of BLACKPINK encouraged her by writing a message per person. So writes JENNIE that she’s super proud of JISOO and that she ‘will let her flower scent shine in the world’. LISA wrote that she will try to support whenever she can and that JISOO gain’s energy until the end. Finally, ROSÉ congratulates JISOO on her album ME and describes her feeling when she was monitoring JISOO during the shoot of the music video ‘I got chills and could feel what the fans feel, I felt heart fluttering emotions while watching you’. — What can we say? We love our JISOO!

ME by JISOO is out now.

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