Portuguese Louis Tomlinson accounts petition for a Walls tour date

A Portuguese fan account has been trending reasons why they should get a date on the Walls World Tour, and they need your help!


After Louis Tomlinson recently announced that he was expanding venue sizes in some locations, as well as adding dates to places such as New York after selling out, the promo account @LouisPromoPT have been spreading the word on Twitter as to why they should have a single tour date on the Walls world tour!


Since the start of his solo career, it is clear from the accounts tweets, threads and media that Portuguese fans have played a great part in the growth of Louis’ music, pushing radio play in Portugal and spreading posters and QR codes linking to his music at the time of every release.

We all know the importance of radio play in enticing new fans to Louis’ music, and it seems that fans were requesting Two Of Us and the Walls album non-stop to show their undying support and love for Louis. Over the past week, the hashtag #PortugalWantsLTour has been trending as high as number two on the Portugal Trends Page.

The full force of Tomlinson’s Portuguese fan base can definitely be felt and there certainly is time to add the date to the European tour as the tour itself was pushed back due to current circumstances. So, whether you are in Portugal or not, be sure to trend along with these promo an update accounts so Louis and his team become aware that Portugal would love to welcome them on tour into their country and have an amazing concert with him!

  1. inês says

    This is so sweet! Thank you so much!!

  2. Mariana Bravo says

    This is the sweetest thing. Thank you so much for helping us trying to bring Louis to Portugal. ❤

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