Louis Tomlinson fans send out handmade radio promo packs for Two Of Us


Louis Tomlinson fans have got to be some of the most dedicated and creative people out there, and we’re continually amazed by the projects they spearhead. Who could possibly forget 2015’s Project No Control? And, since Louis’s gone solo, these same fans have launched #OperationMissYou; they’ve gotten a special “fan release” track Just Like You at the top of the Worldwide iTunes Chart; and this week they’re gearing up for #TommoThunder to help promote Louis’s latest single, ‘Two Of Us’.

As if that’s not amazing enough, the fan-lead team made up of @_Jeannie5_ and @aLarrymama, as well as @SterreLT behind the Twitter account @TwoOfUsPromo separately have been sending out gorgeous promo packs they made themselves to radio DJs around the world to help drum up excitement and encourage airplay for ‘Two Of Us’. Great Louies think alike!

Chandler Chruma, who joined the newly resurrected Arista Records (Louis’s current US label) as West Coast Promotion Manager, tweeted, “These fans are amazing! Can’t wait for the track to be out and on the station :)” and “Keep it going! We love it.” Fans likewise are ecstatic to have Chandler and Arista’s support behind their hard work, having felt a less-than-warm reception from Louis’s previous labels.

Aside from sending out these to-die-for promo packs, they’ve also set up a crowdsourced listing of media base request forms for fans to use to formally request ‘Two Of Us’ at radio stations around the world.

With a fandom like this behind you, there’s no stopping how far you can go. (By the way, we enjoy M&Ms and Rubik’s Cubes too. Just saying.)

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