Louis Tomlinson drops new single Silver Tongues

A couple days before releasing his second album Faith In The Future, the singer drops another track from it.


Two days before releasing his highly anticipated sophomore album Faith In The Future – out on November 11th. Pre-order it here if you haven’t already! – Louis Tomlinson just dropped ‘Silver Tongues’, another absolute banger from it.

At the beginning of the track Louis’ soft vocals accompanied by piano, even though still in contrast to the heavier lyrical content, would lead you to think it’s gonna be a ballad. And then, 30 seconds in, it sharply shifts to an upbeat pop-punk rock guitar riff that will get you addicted to its anthemic chorus from the very first listening.

Tomlinson has stated multiple times that Faith In The Future has “been built around the tour really and creating those great live moments” and this track, just like ‘Bigger Than Me’ and ‘Out Of My System’, only confirms how incredible and mind blowing his next world tour is gonna be. Just imagine what will feel like to for both him and his Louies when he’s gonna sing on stage “You smile at me and say It’s time to go” and they’re gonna scream back at him “But I don’t feel like going home” *cries in Louie*

“You and me until the end
Waking up to start again
There’s no where else that I would rather be”

Tomlinson has written the tune with Scottish singer-songwriter David Sneddon, Hurts’ lead vocalist Theo Hutchcraft, and The Courteeners’ producer Joe Cross. They “did a writing camp together, and what was great about that was that – from the off – we were all on the same page.” he explained.

“Even just being around these people, getting into their brains and taking on their different ideas; I’ve learnt so much more making this record than I did the first. That’s purely from being around the right kind of people. I’m a massive fan of both Hurts and The Courteeners. Even the fact they were willing to work with me, I was buzzing about that. We’ve got some really great songs out of it.”

Speaking about ‘Silver Tongues’, Louis Tomlinson has said that it is a song that he’s “immensely proud of.”
“It’s one of the first times that I’ve written a song that I could definitely imagine myself listening to, had I not written it.” King of taste!

“That track’s very much in line with what I listen to and love musically anyway. Writing that made me feel really confident that I was writing the album I wanted to write. I feel really confident in what’s to come.”
This confidence is evident in the risks he’s finally taking making music he loves and would like to listen to himself, finding a sound that perfectly suits him, breaking boundaries, experimenting not overthinking about consequences. And the result is simply amazing!



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