JAY B releases soothing new single Rocking Chair

‘Rocking Chair’ is JAY B’s first release under the new label CDNZA Records


After performing ‘Rocking Chair’ for the first time during the fan meeting “NOSTALGIC” in June this year, JAY B officially released the single via CDNZA Records on August 23.

JAY B announced and introduced the song to his fans on June 18. Talking about the song, JAY B revealed that the song is about someone close to him, “This song is about a close hyung (brother) whom I love a lot. It’s a song dedicated to him, myself, and those who feel worn out. I think it’s a song for me and I hope it’s a song that’s a gift to you as well. Let’s seek comfort”.

Rocking Chair’ is composed and written by iHwak, Royal dive, and Saimon; the song features JAY B’s distinctive soft and warm vocals that match the comforting lyrics. The lyrics and the melody want to give listeners warm and tranquil vibes. In the lyrics, JAY B sings about the heavy emotions and feelings people can experience every day and wants to provide them with comfort by saying, “If you feel lonely even in the slightest / Come to me as you are and sit/ Lean comfortably and rest on me / It’s alright if you fall asleep / If you are having a tiring day / I will put a blankеt around you / And I will become your rocking chair”.

Rocking Chair’ comes with a matching calming and soothing music video; JAY B sits at a table while singing the song and immediately, viewers can feel like JAY B is sitting with them, comforting them after a tiring and challenging day.

Rocking Chair’ has charted No.1 on iTunes Top Songs Chart in 14 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Fiji, Kenya, Macau, Philippines, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Thailand.

Rocking Chair’ also marks the first release since JAY B decided not to renew his contract with H1GHR MUSIC. Following the official announcement, JAY B signed with a new record label, CDNZA Records.

Rocking Chair’ is now available on all streaming platforms.

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