JAY B joins the Green Noble Club after his donations to ChildFund Korea

JAY B becomes an honorary member of ChildFund Korea’s Green Noble Club


Over the past decade(s), artists appeared to have become woke, slowly and steadily calling themselves “allies” and standing up for social causes. With time, we started to expect our favourite artists to have high levels of wokeness, take sides publicly by sharing their views on social media, and support causes with generous – and public – donations. At times, artists’ wokeness, taking sides in social causes, and donating to charities are hidden acts – as per their own free will. Amongst these artists, JAY B – GOT7’s leader and solo artist – has been known for his habit of doing hidden acts of kindness.

JAY B’s kindness has been publicly recognised recently as he officially became a member of ChildFund Korea’s Green Noble Club – a group of major donors supporting the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation. Jaebeom has received this title after donating a total of 100 million Korean Won (approximately $84,555 and £63,767) since he began helping the organisation. JAY B started his work with the foundation as an ambassador for the third Thank You Letter contest – representing GOT7 – and followed with donating profits from his ALONE photo exhibition merchandise, various merchandise, and performances. His donations will help young victims of abuse who are in need.

The chairman of the foundation, Lee Je Hoon, said:

Celebrity donations have a more positive impact on society… I would like to express my deep gratitude to Jay B in particular who has a deep relationship with the foundation and has shown his love for children through his actions.

After receiving the honourable title, JAY B shared his thoughts with the press and took over his Instagram to thank his fans

By gathering all the love from my fans, I was able to make such a big donation. Since I’m not donating alone but joining in on this donation with my fans, it’s that much more meaningful.

Not only has JAY B been renowned for his artistry and being a humble idol, but he has also been recognised for his altruism – both in the music industry and outside. For years, he has silently donated to charities and relief funds.

Recently, JAY B has shown support towards disabled artists when posting on his Instagram photos with the caption “@thisabled.inc”. Fans immediately found out more, and his phone case was made by an artist from THISABLED, a Korea-based agency for artists with developmental disabilities that helps their special talents shine through.

JAY B has also been open about his mental health, promoted mental health awareness in both official and unofficial settings, and talked about environmental awareness – he made his SOMO:FUME album packaging eco-friendly.

It’s needless to say that idols supporting charities, foundations, and social causes have a positive result in inspiring and motivating fans to contribute with what they can and support different charities on behalf GOT7 and the seven members individually.

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