James McVey releases EP and headlines first solo show

James McVey has released his debut EP, Manabi, on the same day he performs his first solo show.


James McVey has finally released his eagerly-anticipated debut EP, Manabi. The EP graced streaming services on the same day as James’s first show as a solo artist at Hoxton Hall. James McVey is best known as the lead guitarist in The Vamps and is still working with the band while pursuing his solo project.

Wonderland says about Manabi:

Emotional, raw and personal – a compelling offering of acoustic pop that sets McVey apart from the crowd.

The title of the EP, Manabi, is a Japanese word that translates in English as ‘learning from study’, as this is the process James underwent while writing the EP. As well as ‘Dancing on the Head of a Needle’ and ‘Blood and Bones’, the EP includes four more just as personal tracks. Each of the beautiful songs were written and produced by James, with select collaborators.

James spoke of the EP:

It’s strange, but I haven’t really felt any pressure with releasing this EP, because I’m so happy with my work with The Vamps. It just meant that on Manabi, I was really able to dive into it. There’s not a single lyric on here that I don’t believe in, no throwaway line. Each and every word has been meticulously thought through. And they’re real stories.

As well as releasing Manabi to the world, he also played it live at his first ever solo show at the sold-out Hoxton Hall. The concert was in support of the mental health charity Mind.

James is showing no sign of slowing down as he has also just announced another single. ‘Strangers’ featuring Lilla Vargen is out on 24th November.

Listen to Manabi here.

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