Alex Winston is creating her own southern cowboy fantasy

Where are all her cowboys at? :)


With a mix of South American influences and sparkles of pop, singer-songwriter Alex Winston has created her own unique sound for her newest single ‘Where My Cowboys At?’, the second single of her upcoming full-length LP Hot One, that’ll get released in 2024. The classically trained opera singer (because what can she NOT do?) had some time for a completely honest chat about her new music, with loads of self-awareness.

Hi Alex, thank you so much for your time with us! A huge congrats on the release of your new music. Can you tell us a bit more about this era? What is it about?

Thank you so much, I appreciate that! – I wrote the new album over the course of a few years, in a pretty transitional time in my life, where nothing really felt settled. I lovingly refer to it as my swamp era – the midway point between moving forward and letting go of the past. Just embracing the muddy uncomfortable stuff that goes along with making changes.

You recently also dropped a music video for your new single ‘’Where My Cowboys At?’’ We see it’s a mix of southern and gothic influences, which is quite unique! How did you come up with this concept?

I guess I wanted to see what a Cheers and Thriller love child would look like.

I love that concept! You released your debut album King Con 11 years ago, what kind of progress have you made with your music but also as person within those years?

I care a lot less, and I mean that in the most positive way. It almost feels like I’ve come full circle to the King Con days and feel uninhibited again, which is really nice. I had no idea what I was doing back then, I was just writing what felt natural and had zero expectations. After that, I spent years trying to chase what I thought other people wanted, it was exhausting and frankly made me miserable. Right now I’m just focused on making things that bring me joy or make me laugh. That’s pretty much it.

Did you also face any challenges in those 11 years? How did you overcome them?
I’ve had some health issues and some professional setbacks (being dropped, albums being shelved, yadda yadda) but I try not to focus on that stuff too much these days. I’m bored of my sob story. I just feel lucky that I get to make music and that there are people who still want to listen to it. I can’t complain.

What would you’ve have said to the Alex in 2012?
Buckle up, bitch.

Was it always your dream to become a singer?
I was actually thinking about that recently. I grew up in a musical household and started playing and singing at a pretty young age, so it was a natural progression. I don’t know if it was my dream or just what I knew how to do. Maybe a bit of both?

Who are your biggest influences for your songs?
This record is a bit of a mixed bag, but I listened to a lot of Sheryl Crow when writing it, especially her early stuff like Leaving Las Vegas and Strong Enough. Also lots of Beck, St. Vincent and BJM. It’s my attempt at a fun americana/90s psych pop record. Not gonna lie, Beavis and Butthead Do America was also pretty inspiring to me as well haha

Do you have a moment in your career that’s special to you? (Could be more than one! Any messages from fans you’ve received that mean a lot to you, etc.).
My entire time touring Europe and the UK for King Con was really special. I was traveling around with some of my best friends seeing all of these amazing places for the first time. In the moment, I don’t think I appreciated it as much as I should have because I was under a lot of pressure but I look back now and think god damn, I am so lucky and grateful to have had those experiences. In regard to fans, considering I only release a record once every 11 years, I have the most patient ride or die fans in the world. I really want to get back out on the road and see some of them again.

Next year you’ll release a new album, is there anything you can tell us about already?
My favorite song on the record is called Stassia and it’s about a woman I met on an 8am flight home from Las Vegas. She had 15 grand in her purse and told me to read the secret, which I did not do, but I did fall in love with her

Finally, besides the release of an album next year, do you have anything else that’s exciting coming up? Or do you maybe even have any dreams that you want to achieve soon?
I’ve really been leaning into production stuff. I’d love to produce records for other artists eventually.

We want to thank Alex so much for her time! Don’t forget to stream ‘Where all my Cowboys At?’ right here:

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