J-Hope is Out of The Box with new album

J-hope has invited us to his new era with Jack in the Box


In June, BTS members announced a new chapter in their careers. They’ll hold their group projects for a bit and work on solo activities in the near future. Kicking off as the first member and introducing his solo work, J-hope gifted us his first single from his new album Jack In The Box on July 1st.

“MORE” shows a darker side of the rapper, surprising a lot of fans since it’s a huge contrast from his last mixtape Hope World. With rock ‘n roll vibes and singing about being ambitious and a little cocky about his success.

On the 14th, J-Hope hosted a pre-release party at the HYBE building and invited many people from the K-music industry, proving how huge his social butterfly persona is. Of course BTS members showed up to support their bandmate. SUGA wasn’t able to attend, unfortunately, due to a fever he had that day. J-hope happily explained the situation to ARMY on the live stream he had the following day, saying SUGA had chosen an outfit and was bummed he couldn’t attend the party.


Following the party, J-Hope released a second single of Jack in the Box, “Arson” is such a surprising track for those who are familiar with J-Hope’s previous solo work. Spitting fire and burning everything on his way, the rapper was raw and honest with the lyrics. The song is heavy with hip hop beats, showing the origins of J-Hope’s music.

There are 10 tracks on Jack In The Box, with each song revealing a different feeling J-Hope tried to convey. It’s more than worth giving the whole album a listen.

J-Hope will be performing live for the first time at Lollapalooza in Chicago on the 31st. We can’t wait to watch him on the main stage!

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