FLETCHER namedrops her ex’s new girlfriend in Becky’s So Hot

The chaos of it all


FLETCHER‘s new song has turned TikTok wild this week, as fans were shocked to hear her sing about her ex’s new girlfriend – and even namedrop her. The title of the single is ‘Becky’s So Hot’, which is causing just as much drama as one would expect.

The song is true-to-life, with all the details directly drawn from FLETCHER’s personal experience. She really does have an ex who’s new girlfriend is called Becky and she really did wear that vintage t-shirt – ‘I used to wear it too, yeah it’s the cropped one with the red Corvette’. The evidence is all over Instagram.

“I wrote ‘Becky’s So Hot’ a couple of years ago after I was creeping on my ex’s new girlfriend’s Instagram while I was in the studio,” FLETCHER revealed.

“I accidentally liked a picture of her wearing a vintage t-shirt of my ex’s, one that I’ve worn before. The complexities of moving on were something I wanted to explore, and it felt more interesting to me to write something from the perspective of being in awe of her; sort of like ‘damn… it kinda stings that she’s so hot, but I can’t even be mad about it because I get it…she’s hot.’

Girl Of My Dreams picks up where THE S(EX) TAPES leaves off and weaves through my dreams, fears, fantasies, messy moments and all the fleeting feelings in between. It paints a picture of how pain can evolve and so can you.”

Girl Of My Dreams is set for release on 16th September. Tickets for FLETCHER’s tour are available here.

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