J-hope meets J Cole in new single on the street

Hope World meets Cole World in new song


J-hope recently announced that he’s started his enlistment process and just like his band member, Jin, he is leaving a farewell song for his fans. ‘On the street’ is J-hope going back to his hip hop roots! A single that shows his beginning in dance and in music. What makes this song even more special is the fact that J-hope’s greatest inspiration in music is right beside him. J Cole is featured in the song making the whole thing a lot more special.

‘on the street’ carries J-hope’s warm, hopeful, positive and bright message in the lyrics but it sounds really different from his first solo work ‘Hope World’ and his latest album Jack In The Box. The lo-fi hip hop track with J Cole’s thought-provoking rap is the best of Korean hip hop mixed with the American roots of hip hop and of course street dance.

J-hope and J Cole met at Lolapalloza back in July last year when the BTS member was the headliner of the festival. Their meeting was featured on the Disney+ documentary J-hope In The Box released a day before the rapper’s birthday last month. J-hope also had a whole Instagram post dedicated to their meeting.

J Cole definitely created a bond with J-hope, he even referred to himself as “J Cole hyung”, a Korean term a man uses to call another man who is older than him showing respect. The rapper also has only three posts on Instagram and one of them is a short clip of ‘on the street’ music video.

The nicest thing of it all was to watch hip hop fans excited for the collab, showing support instead of prejudice towards both rappers. ARMYs and J Cole’s fans are excited to see how far the song can go. J-hope earned his biggest debut on Spotify with ‘on the street’ and the song is number 1 in over 80 countries on iTunes.

The BTS member promised on a live stream that he’s got a lot of things prepared for ARMY for as long as he stays in the army and his fanbase is more than willing to make ‘on the street’ another huge success. It is without a doubt a nice sendoff for J-hope!

Watch the ‘on the street’ movie video below:

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