Citizen Queen drop Y2K-inspired single So Special

The four member girl group is back and better!


Citizen Queen are back with their most fun single yet, “So Special” which gives a nod to the early 2000s girl group vibe with sassy and empowering lyrics, an upbeat instrumental, and layered harmonies for days.

“So Special” is the girl group’s first release of the year, following their previous song “Break Up,” last October. This new song is a hard turn from their last release, but the group has delivered a light-hearted and playful record that is reminiscent of a girl group like Play. “So Special” sits pretty in the middle of the pop and R&B genres, allowing for a catchy tune that still delivers vocally. With this song, it seems that the four girls have discovered how to effectively play off of each member’s vocal strengths, and they are running with it.

The “So Special” music video is simple but utilizes the fun-loving girl group friendship dynamic to make the energy match the song. The members’ brightly colored outfits, funky hats, layered accessories, and playful makeup add to the vibe as the girls pose at unique camera angles and sprinkle in some group choreography.

Citizen Queen have come a long way as a girl group since their fairly recent founding in 2018. After losing one member and becoming a foursome, the remaining girls (Kaedi Dalley, Cora Isabel, Nina Nelson, and Kaylah Sharve) seem to have found their niche as a Gen Z girl-group by putting their own spin on nostalgic sounds.

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