Heartbreak Weather hits 1 billion streams on Spotify

Our favorite Irish lad has achieved another milestone in his solo career


Heartbreak Weather is Niall’s second studio album and it was released a few days before the pandemic hit and forced us all to stay inside – changing everything. Niall had almost given up on releasing the album because of that, but thankfully he kept his plans and dropped the album on 13th March 2020.

The album was the glue that held us together during these difficult times, especially with Niall having to cancel his 2020 world tour that we were all excited about.

Now, in less than two years after its release, the album has surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify – showing us all the power of his artistry.

Heartbreak Weather has four official singles: ‘Nice To Meet Ya’, released in 2019, in which Niall showed he was reinventing himself for his second album; ‘Put A Little Love On Me’, a gentle ballad extremely needed from Niall; ‘No Judgement’ with the most adorable and funny video; and finally, my personal favorite, ‘Black & White’, in which Niall sings his heart out about envisioning his wedding day.

Niall was so excited to share his work with fans that he frequently had a guitar in his hands and the phone ready to livestream his days confined at home. He provided some quality distractions to everyone around the globe.

Niall finally performed his 1-billion-times-streamed album at an online concert at the Royal Albert Hall on 7th November 2020. Even though it would’ve been a thousand times better to watch it in person, Niall delivered an amazing performance of the album’s hits, making us look forward to when we finally meet again in person.

Now, all we can do is wait for the announcement of a well deserved tour, for both Niall and Niallers, and hopefully some new music from our favorite Irish lad.

Which track from the album is your ultimate favorite?

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