FAN STORIES: Two years of Harry Styles’ Adore You

We still ADORE this song!


Can you believe that it’s been two years since Harry Styles released his song ‘Adore You’? – Yeah, me neither. BUT IT’S TRUE! Today on 6th December, we’re celebrating the two year anniversary of his brilliant single, ‘Adore You’. And to celebrate this wonderful day, we’re going back in time with Harry’s biggest fans. We spoke to them and asked how they remember this song and how they feel about it now.

We kick off with Beatriz (namelesschy on Instagram). Beatriz is a big Harry stan and tells us about the first time she heard the song. “I was in my final year of high school. It felt pretty loving and involving.” It always makes her smile when she hears the song. “It’s a happy song that in it’s certain way still makes you feel vulnerable to feel love.” I actually think we can all relate to that.

Jasmijn (jasmijn_04 on Twitter) knows exactly when she heard the song for the first time. “My mom’s car broke down. So I was sitting in the garage, waiting to get the car fixed and while waiting I started to listen to ‘Adore You’. It’s the memory I actually have about the song. But till today, this song still brings me a feeling of joy.”

GIPHY / Sony
GIPHY / Sony

@Linni_jd tell us that she heard the song for the first time when it just got released and that it’s actually one of her favorite songs from the Fine Line album because the song has a unique sound. “My first impression was that the song was really different from his other music. The bells at the start are a great way to capture someone’s attention and the drums are super catchy. The backing vocals are also super tight, so I was very impressed with the whole song!”

When we asked Esmeé (esmeeroosx on Twitter) about her first time hearing the song, she tells us that she just came home after a day of school. “I already knew the song would come out, so I was so excited when I came home to check it out. I LOVED IT! But especially the music video with the whole story about Eroda,” Esmeé tells us. “I remember that I was confused about the whole fish thing. I was like: WHY is this a love song to a fish?! But when I checked it out for the second time, I was so mesmerized by it and the whole sound. It was so beautiful to me.” She tells us that the music video has a special meaning to her. “Even if you’re stranded and no one knows you and you feel like the odd one out, you’ll always find your way back home and find the people you belong with.”

Another fan of the song (and of course of Harry) is Anna. She also thought the song was completely different. “I remember listening to it very early in the morning, while I was going to school on the train back in Italy.” The song has a very specific memory to Anna. “I had 7 VIP tickets for 5 countries with my friends for tour. We also wanted to go to the island from the music video. Unfortunately it never happened because of Covid, but while planning all these trips I had the song constantly on repeat. I love that I still think about that time when I hear it, and obviously I hope I still can go to the concerts and Eroda someday.”


Natalie (nataliees_m) is the last stan who wants to share her incredible memory about the song. “This song is definitely one of my favorites from Harry. I have lots of beautiful memories linked to the whole Fine Line era. Back in the days when it got released, I was making online friends from Mexico and Spain. We would talk for hours about the One Direction boys and how important they were for us,” she tells. “I remember us being awake till noon waiting for the music video release; we were in a zoom call and, since I live in the UK, it felt amazing connecting to international fans.”

We loved hearing these amazing stories from Harries. But now we want to know: what is your FAVORITE memory of the song? Let us know on Twitter.

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