Harry Styles donates $1.2 million to charities through his world tour

Staying true to his motto "Treat People With Kindness," the singer went above and beyond.


Harry Styles‘ world tour has finally come to a close—something we wish we’d never have to announce. The all-encompassing, joyous nights of Live On Tour have cultivated memories only true fans could understand. From Styles’ boisterous suits to his quirky dance moves that only he could pull off, it’s become a four-month event that we don’t want to say goodbye to.

While the tour was chock-full of antics that we’ll never forget, Styles made sure to keep one theme present the entire time: Treat people with kindness. As part of the singer’s insistent effort in making a difference, he donated a portion of ticket sales as well as purchases of an exclusive Treat People With Kindness hair tie set available through his merchandise to various amounts of charities along each stop throughout his world tour. Charities benefiting cancer patients, the homeless, LGBTQIA+ youth, refugees and sexual assault victims are just some of the groups that received help from Styles’ generous donations.

With almost 1 million tickets sold, Styles was able to raise $1.2 million in charity donations, all going to 62 charities in total. He also was able to register hundreds of new voters via Headcount at various venues—a true testament to his urgency of living in a country where we need to spread love and acceptance.

After 89 sold out shows, the former One Direction member has made a conscious effort to spearhead a change that the world needs. Styles is aware of the significance that his actions play in the grand scheme of things, especially with a predominantly female and passionate fanbase.

To put forth an image of a warm heart and open arms is not very common but Styles does it without shame. It’s a trait that fully encompasses who Styles is and we can only hope to be half as good as him.

Check out all the charities Harry Styles has donated to through his world tour on his website.

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